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Yellow.LXF, one of the best train building block designers, has won the hearts and respects of countless fans. His works are full of creativity and skill, accurately reproducing the details of the train, showing a deep understanding and enthusiasm for the train. His models are not only stunning, but also convey a strong emotion and story. Yellow.LXF generously shares his experience, actively interacts with the community, and provides help and encouragement to other enthusiasts, so he has won the recognition of many people in the circle, and will continue to create amazing works, igniting the love of building blocks and creation.

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-58578 New Grain Car(725PCS)

Yellow.LXF’s MOC-58578 new grain car building block is an original design inspired by a real train model. The model is exquisite in details, strong and beautiful, and has display and collection value. It matches perfectly with Jepaz’s new grain tower. Inspired by the unique insights into the design of real trains, the model is rich in details and pursues authenticity and quality. Body curves, wheel details and exquisite decoration demonstrate Yellow.LXF’s in-depth knowledge of trains and pursuit of excellent craftsmanship. This grain cart model is not only of high display value, but also entertaining, suitable for collection and building fun. Each component is precision engineered to ensure stability and durability, allowing collectors and enthusiasts to appreciate and play for years to come.

MOC-46691 Center Drop Train Car Model(532pcs)

Yellow.LXF’s MOC-46691 central crane building block model features an original, sturdy and beautiful design that maximizes the appearance of a real train. It’s designed to be fun to assemble, with practical details added for an incredible building experience. As a cost-effective component, it’s also an impressive display piece and collectible.

Yellow.LXF Description This model is a custom trailer for breakwater access, used to transport super high cargo. This highlights the creative intent and goal of Yellow.LXF, to integrate the model into a realistic scene. The MOC-46691 central crane building block model is not only visually appealing, but also focuses on practicality and storytelling, providing collectors with more immersion and imagination.

MOC-79701 Santa Fe GP9 Train

The MOC-79701 Santa Fe GP9 train building block set was designed and licensed by Yellow.LXF to maximize the look of a real train, with an original, sturdy and beautiful design. This model converts into a power train, keeping the fun of building in mind and adding practical details for the ultimate building experience. Cost-effective components make it an impressive display piece and collectible. The description of Yellow.LXF points out that Powered Up technology is adopted according to customer needs, and it is also suitable for PF or 12V motors. MOC-79701 not only presents a realistic appearance, but also provides a variety of power options. Yellow.LXF’s precise testing ensures that the model runs smoothly and is easy to operate, bringing endless fun to users. Whether a powered toy train or a stunning display piece, this model will amaze and excite collectors.

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MOCs Designed by Yellow.LXF

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