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Stefano Mapelli

Stefano Mapelli

Stefano Mapelli is an award-winning MOC (My Own Creation) designer, known for his exceptional architectural creations. He has demonstrated a remarkable talent for constructing stunning model buildings and as such has earned widespread admiration and respect in the community. His works have attracted the attention of countless fans, and his exquisite design and creativity make him one of the best architectural MOC designers. Stefano Mapelli’s MOC pieces are not only stunning, but also showcase his unique eye for detail and unique artistic perception.

He now has his own brand and team – Stebricks

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-43974 Notre Dame de Paris

“Notre-Dame de Paris is a typical example of Gothic architecture, an epochal landmark in the history of European architecture. The façade of Notre-Dame de Paris is unique in its style and structure, and looks very majestic. Notre-Dame de Paris is a stone building that has been described in the history of world architecture as a symphony of giant stones of the first order. Although it is a religious building, it sparkles with the wisdom of the French people and reflects the pursuit and aspiration for a better life.”

MOC-43974 is a model of Notre Dame de Paris created by designer Stebrick, with perfect modular size, true scale and amazing details. It accurately restores all parts of the historical building, making people feel like they are in it. The details of the exterior and interior decoration show the designer’s in-depth research and attention to Notre Dame Cathedral. This stunning model allows people to appreciate the grandeur of this iconic building.

MOC-64235 The Seven rings – Part A (99548Pcs)

MOC-64235 “The Seven Rings – Part A” is a detailed building block model consisting of 99548 blocks. Adopting modular construction technology, it is divided into seven levels, and each level is constructed using macro modules, which ensures stability and mobility, and is very suitable for exhibition and storage. Made of high-quality ABS material, smooth and burr-free, the assembly experience is excellent. Stebrick said the model is the first version of the entire structure, divided into parts A and B, and what is currently shown is part A, the section of the seven rings. Considering the number of blocks and scale, Stebrick divided the model into two parts and let everyone build it step by step. MOC-64235 “The Seven Rings – Part A” lays the foundation for the whole model, looking forward to the release of “Part B or Mountain and Temple”, enjoy the construction process together!

MOC-77106 The Court House

MOC-77106 “The Court House” is a fully modular building block model created by designer Stebrick. Divided into 3 macro-blocks: two A-blocks (courtyard wings) and one B-block (main hall) for easy packing, transport and assembly.

The model has two different facades and can be displayed in the heart of LEGO City, maintaining a unique view. The court building has two floors and includes a courtroom and hall with two entrances. The interior is furnished and floored and consists of four rooms, two of which are fully equipped for use as courts, and a central hall with a royal staircase, special paintings and panels. The two rooms on the first floor are vacant but have curtains on both sides and can be arranged according to preference.

MOC-77106 “The Court House” is a carefully designed model full of details that will allow you to create a unique and striking courthouse in the world of bricks.

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