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Stefan Weinert(BRICKLAUS)


Stefan Weinert(BRICKLAUS) is a passionate MOC designer whose main work focuses on truck models and functional models. His experience driving heavy trucks sparked his keen interest in this field. legolaus’ work showcases his obsessive attention to detail and a deep understanding of trucks and mechanics. His creativity and purist attitude have made him well respected in the brick community, making him a shining star in the world of MOC design.

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-73232 V16 Diesel Engine

This V16 diesel engine model is full of creativity and fine engineering. It is modeled after an authentic V16 diesel engine, complete with working pistons (mike rims), crankshaft, two camshafts and chain-controlled exhaust flaps in stunning detail.

Equipped with two XL drive motors, and a servo system for precise control of the exhaust dampers. It is compatible with BuWizz or infrared railroad remotes, and can adjust the exhaust damper via servo system for speed control. legolaus also cleverly prevents the mechanism from rotating in the wrong direction, ensuring that the drive and exhaust dampers work in tandem.

Impressive in its accuracy and engineering sophistication, the model closely mimics the characteristics of the Caterpillar CAT3616 diesel engine. The scale is about 1:10, making it a great choice for building block enthusiasts and engineering enthusiasts.

DIY Technological Dynamic Heavy Equipment Transporter with Suspension Model(1815pcs)

Impressive DIY Tech Dynamic Heavy Equipment Transporter Suspension model contains a total of 1815 bricks. This model is an accurate 1/19 scale reproduction of an 8×6 heavy equipment transporter, allowing you to experience the functionality of real industrial machinery firsthand.

The core components of this model include 2 L motors, 1 servo motor, 1 3M motor, sophisticated suspension system, adjustable lifting shaft, heavy duty gear and universal gear, as well as electric winch and hand winch.

Measuring 47.7 x 16.7 x 19.7 cm, this model is full of fine details that showcase the designer’s ingenuity and skill. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a fan of building blocks, this dynamic heavy equipment transporter model will provide you with endless fun and satisfaction.

DIY Technical Dynamic Heavy-duty Equipment Transport Vehicle with Suspension Model(4218PCS)

This 1:19 industrial machinery model is an avant-garde DIY technology heavy transport vehicle with excellent suspension system. Signature truck colors and large high-grip tires give it a unique look.

The model is equipped with a pallet truck and a PF motor kit, providing multiple functions and enjoyable assembly fun. Contains the motor unit, through remote control, it can control functions such as drive, steering, winch and lifting. There are also 2 gear modes: heavy-duty and normal drive, and full axle suspension (including lift shaft), simulating real industrial machinery operation.

This model also supports features such as diesel sound effects, self-locking saddle plates, electric lift shaft, electric winch and manual winch, has five fully-suspended spring axles and gooseneck height adjustment. It is the best choice for engineering fans and technology enthusiasts.

Real Pictures

From kota scale model                                                  Photo by Holgi                                                           Photo by BastlWastl70

MOCs Designed by Stefan Weinert(BRICKLAUS)

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