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SleeplessNight is an outstanding MOC (My Own Creation) designer, especially good at creating models of medieval castles and pirate buildings. His work is a consistent bestseller on our site. His designs display exquisite craftsmanship and unique creativity, not only displaying attention to detail, but also incorporating amazing artistic sense, and bright color matching makes people feel happy. With its remarkable creation, SleeplessNight has attracted many fans and won the hearts of many building block lovers.

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-68151 Medieval Lions’ Castle

MOC-68151 Medieval Lion Castle – an upgraded version, is the unique work of the designer SleeplessNight!

This authentic castle blends perfectly with the style of a medieval blacksmith. The perfect addition to the official medieval-themed set, including a large castle, courtyard, curtain wall, stables, two towers and gatehouse. The interior is spacious and the decor is simple and functional, with tables, chairs, beds and a fireplace with red-lit bricks. The overall design shows what medieval fortifications really looked like, without any “fantasy” elements.

This castle will be a great choice for LEGO lovers and make your medieval blacksmithing dreams come true!

MOC-71657 Pirate Theme Sabre Island

MOC-71657 Pirate-Themed Saber Island is a world of thrilling pirate adventures! The island is captivating with its pirate theme. A magnificent defense pirate tower stands on the island, and its exterior is equipped with various soldiers and weapons to fight against the invasion of pirates. There is also a command room in the tower, which is responsible for monitoring every move of the pirates, allowing you to experience the exciting feeling of mastering the overall situation of Saber Island.

Unlike other towers, this pirate tower has a unique design. Rich in color and exquisite in detail, every element is realistic and creative, making it immersive. The island also has a small harbor for boats to moor. In this mysterious sea area, you can become a brave captain, sail the ship on an adventurous journey, search for treasures and take risks!

MOC-108172 Medieval Pirate Themed Town

MOC-108172 Medieval Pirate Theme Town is a modular architectural work full of history and creativity. The town contains buildings such as the Armory, the Harbor Master’s Office, the Prison and the Gates to the Town, which can be rearranged in a number of ways to retain their full function. The floor and back wall of the interior space of the building can be removed for easy access and display.

This small port town on the lagoon was abandoned decades ago, but renewed interest in local trade routes led to renovations and fortifications a few years ago. The town is once again in turmoil with the arrival of the Redbeard pirate and his notorious ship, the Barracuda. No attention is paid to property maintenance, the charm of the past is fading and cracks appear in the walls.

This set will look especially good, when displayed next to the original Lego 21322 “Pirates of Barracuda Bay”.

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