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Sir Perceval

Sir Perceval

Sir Perceval is a highly regarded MOC (My Own Creation) designer and one of the finest medieval MOC designers. He has captivated the hearts of many lovers with his superb creations. He specialized in the design of stunning medieval castles and Roman buildings, displaying a deep understanding and nuanced conception of historical periods.His design works not only pay attention to the accuracy and authenticity of details, but also show unique creativity and ingenious craftsmanship in the architectural structure and overall layout, and are widely appreciated and respected in the building block community.

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-131299 Complete Medieval Castle

MOC-131299 Complete Medieval Castle is a block model that presents a realistic exterior with rich interior details. The castle is constructed from approximately 113,000 building block parts, standing on 28 32×32 baseplates. The castle is designed to be completely modular. It consists of 28 baseplate modules (A1-G4) and 23 building modules (H01-H23). Each building module is built independently and all floors are modular and demountable with interior spaces.

This complete medieval castle showcases the designer’s exquisite attention to detail and craftsmanship. From the outer city walls and towers to the inner palaces and halls, each part has been carefully designed and decorated, showing the unique charm of medieval architecture. You can explore every corner of the castle and create your own medieval world, immersed in the interweaving of history and imagination.

MOC-139859 Roman Field Camp (Large) Model(51320PCS)

MOC-139859 Roman Field Camp (Large) is a multi-module design building block model that can be flexibly combined to form a large or small Roman field camp. The entire barracks is made up of 51,320 parts, and you can purchase modules individually as needed. Each brick piece is carefully crafted to be accurate in color, and the overall construction is durable and strong, impressive in the hand, and easy to disassemble.

This model is designed to be modular so that it can be extended as required. The size of the Roman field camp can be decided entirely according to your preferences! You can assemble and arrange the barracks in the way you like according to your creativity and imagination, creating unique scenes and stories. Whether you prefer large-scale battle scenes or small and exquisite layouts, this model will meet your needs and bring you endless fun and room for exploration.

MOC-136729 UCS Ancient Roman Temple

MOC-136729 UCS Ancient Roman Temple is a building block model inspired by ancient Roman temples. The entire temple stands on a high plinth and is reached by a long staircase. Two equestrian statues flank the staircase, while 18 delicate columns support the massive roof.

This ancient Roman temple is built on two 48×48 blocks and the temples are modular so they can be easily disassembled and reassembled. The door of the model can be opened, and the interior facilities are complete and the decoration is magnificent. The ceilings inside and at the front of the temple are beautifully decorated, with little uncovered studs showing.

This model shows the unique charm and exquisite details of ancient Roman architecture, bringing the joy of creation and exploration for building block lovers. By building this ancient Roman temple, you can experience the charm of ancient civilizations and appreciate Sir Perceval’s careful carving and decoration of details.

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