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Nico 71

Nico 71

   Nico71 is a very outstanding technic MOC designer. His work not only displays breathtaking engineering skills, but also blends creativity and practicality. Nico 71 has won the respect and support of technic building block enthusiasts with its unique design style and innovative ideas . As expected of him, technic master!

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-40482 Off-Road Vehicle Model(Dynamic Version/2697PCS)

.Message from Nico 71:
-All wheel drive connected to the fake engine under the hood (no motorized)
-Steering with hand of god and return to steering wheel in the cabin (no motorized)
-Front and rear leaf axle using axle (lock pin available to secure the position for long display)
-L motor and battery box to power the crane/tipper/stabilizers functions though multiple gearboxes
-Rotation of the crane using worm screw (motorized)
-Two section crane arm using linear actuators (motorized)
-Second arm section can be extended though a friction knob and rack / pinion (manually)
-Tipper can be lifted in two way (rear or side) using lockable pins and small linear actuator (motorized)
-Stabilizers can be extended using gearing (motorized)
-Openable elements for playing : doors, engine hood, side pads, tipper elements, and toolboxes

MOC-18978 C-Type Wheel Loader Model(Dynamic Version/1786PCS)

.Message from Nico 71:

-4 wheel drives. (no motorized)
-Articulated Steering with return to the steering wheel. (no motorized)
-Rear oscillating suspensions using rubber bands.
-L motor and battery box to powered the fork functions though dual gearbox.
-Lifting of the fork : 2 big linear actuators.
-Tilting the fork : 1 small linear actuator with constant motion compensation.
-Adjustable width of the fork. (manual)
-Openable elements. (doors, engine bay, battery bay)

MOC-27807 Heavy Forklift Truck Model(Dynamic Version/2446PCS)

.Message from Nico 71:
-Front-wheel drives (no motorized) the fake engine under the cabin.
-Rear steering with hand of god. (no motorized)
-Rear oscillating suspensions using rubber bands.
-L motor and battery box with switch to power the fork and cabin functions though 4 gearboxes.
-Raising of the fork using rack and pinion with uncut string. (with clutch) (motorized)
-Tilting of the fork using 2 big linear actuators. (motorized)
-Adjustable fork width using 2 small linear actuators. (only operated on the ground) (motorized)
-Tilting maintenance cabin using a small linear actuator. (motorized)
-Openable batteries bay and doors.
-A part of the rear chassis need to be dismantled to access the battery box to change the batteries, as it is a part of the chassis.

Model Real Pictures

pictures from seregiz

pictures from MacErik

MOCs Designed by Nico71

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