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     Moc_Lobster is a very excellent building block MOC (My Own Creation) designer. He has outstanding performance in the design of MOC characters such as mechas and swordsmen. His works are full of details and imagination, attracting the favor of many building block enthusiasts. Moc_Lobster’s talent and virtuosity have earned him widespread respect and admiration within the building block community. Whether mechanical wonders or heroic swordsmen, Moc_Lobster’s works showcase his deep love for the art of building blocks and his creative excellence, breathing new life into the building block community.

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-107112 Ronin Swordsman

MOC-107112 Ronin Swordsman’s design is full of art and history. This warrior has a chic appearance, wearing gorgeous armor and holding an exquisite sword. Every detail has been carefully polished and presented. This model not only restores the image of a traditional warrior, but also gives it a vivid personality and movement, as if it can jump into the world of building blocks at any time.

The MOC-107112 Ronin Swordsman model is highly malleable and playable. The samurai’s joints are freely movable and his equipment is interchangeable, giving builders the opportunity to customize the samurai’s stance and weapon selection. This interactivity provides more room for fun and creativity for building block enthusiasts.

MOC-103508 Wasteland Ranger

MOC-103508 Wasteland Ranger is an impressive brick model popular for its meticulous detail and excellent reproduction.

It features a ranger character set in the wasteland, complete with detailed clothing, weapons, and accessories. Every detail has been carefully designed, from the ranger’s face to the equipment on his body, showing the producer’s deep understanding and creativity of the wasteland theme.

This model is not only rich in detail, but also highly malleable and playable. Builders can freely move and adjust the model’s posture, change equipment, and create their own unique wasteland scenes and stories.

MOC-98802 Ronin Swordsman

MOC-98802 Ronin Swordsman is an impressive brick model that is loved for its rich details and high degree of reproduction. This model presents a dashing ronin swordsman.

The MOC-98802 Ronin Swordsman model not only has a high degree of restoration, but also shows the swordsman’s dashing style. The swordsman’s costumes and weapons are carefully designed, and every detail exudes personality and a decisive atmosphere, as if he can break into an amazing adventure story at any time.

To sum up, MOC-98802 Ronin Swordsman is an outstanding building block model that combines excellent quality, high reproduction level and unique swordsman theme appeal.

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