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Marinbrickdesign is a very good medieval MOC brick model designer. His works show excellent color matching and creative design, showing his love and understanding of medieval style architecture, and are deeply loved and followed by many building block lovers! He shared more full information on Instagram. In particular, his design the Crusader’s Inn is not only popular in the Rebricable community, but also a star product on our website. Head over to his Instagram to learn more about his work and creative world!

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-111710 The Crusader’s Inn(3214PCS)

Marinbrickdesign was not satisfied with the previous guard hotel design, so decided to build a new version – the Crusader’s Inn.

The new design retains the inspiration of the LEGO version, but has been improved vertically, adding more detail and space.

Marinbrickdesign cleverly retained some stylistic elements of the forge in this MOC Crusader Inn, making it consistent with the adjacent buildings. This shows his great attention to detail and creative display.

This model design is full of medieval style, showing a unique architectural beauty and historical charm. It is not just a model, but more like a miniature world with a storyline.

Mass production has been achieved now, and this website is for sale! Comes beautifully packaged and makes a great gift!

MOC-119708 Medieval Watermill

Filled with imagination, simulation, and stunning detail, the MOC-119708 Medieval Watermill is something you will be proud to build and display with the family or by yourself.

This watermill model reproduces scenes from medieval life, with many functions and details. From small trees, water mills, sofas, stoves to beds, etc., every detail is perfectly reproduced, making people feel like they are in a medieval water mill scene.

The design flair of Marinbrickdesign makes this model set an aesthetic and playful work of art. He gave full play to his imagination in the creation process, making his works present colorful colors and unique styles.

Whether you are a building block lover or someone interested in medieval history, it will be an excellent choice for your collection and display. If you long for a model of a medieval watermill full of detail and creativity, this piece will live up to your expectations.

MOC-108791 Medieval Carriage

MOC-108791 Medieval Carriage is inspired by medieval scenes, including horses, tools, lights and other well-designed details.

It is not just a carriage, but a scene full of medieval charm. It can be built with multiple medieval scenes to create a unique medieval world for building block lovers.

It is not just a toy, but also an ornament full of artistic value. It will lead people to travel back in time, back to the ancient Middle Ages, and experience that era full of charm.

If you have a strong interest in medieval history, MOC-108791 medieval carriage will become your favorite collection. It will bring you endless fun and surprises, and let you feel the joy of creation and yearning for history in the process of building.

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