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Mani91 is an acclaimed MOC (My Own Creation) designer, considered one of the best Tech MOC designers. He conquered the hearts of many lovers with his superb creative ability. Mani91 has demonstrated great talent in creating stunning tech MOCs that have earned them widespread admiration and respect from the community. His work showcases an original observation and creativity in technical detail, turning bricks into an exciting artistic medium full of endless possibilities. With its superb skills and innovative design, Mani91 has brought countless amazing technological works to the MOC community.

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-89775 Caterpillar 977K Crawler Loader

MOC-89775 was created by designer Mani91. This model is inspired by the Caterpillar 977K from the 70s, and the designer has a soft spot for the CAT loaders from the 60s and 70s. The original model was produced between 1966 and 1978 and featured a turbocharged diesel inline-six engine. The designer’s model used a V8 engine because it looked better and saved space. The machine is stunning, beautiful and boxy, with a hefty and majestic feel.

The scale of the model is about 1:14, which is quite large, slightly larger than the LEGO 42043 Arocs, but very suitable for the scale of the Arocs. The interior of the model features the engine compartment of the V8 engine, adding to the integrity of the details. This MOC-89775 Caterpillar 977K track loader model will give building block enthusiasts a retro and stunning building experience.

MOC-105824 Sci-tech RC Combine Harvester

MOC-105824 highly restores the structure of the real harvester, with rich features, such as side panel opening and closing, driving and steering functions, leveling system, unfolded unloader, rotating V8 engine, moving straw walker, rotating pre-loader Air filter, header lift, reel and auger rotation, and more.

It is equipped with 10 motors, including 2 PF L-type motors for driving, 1 PF L-type motor for beam lifting, 2 PF L-type motors for slope front axle compensation, and 1 PF M motor for rear Shaft slope compensation, 1 PF M motor for engine, air filter and shaker, 1 PF M motor for threshing drum drive, 1 PF M motor for threshing drum discharge pipe, and 1 PF servo motor Used for steering.Made of 3494 high-quality, odorless and environmentally friendly ABS materials, it feels smooth and safe to assemble, and is compatible with other building block brands. Demonstrates superior quality and fine craftsmanship.

MOC-83756 Caterpillar D9H RC Bulldozer

MOC-83756 shows the charm of classic construction machinery. Echoing the previously released D8K, the D9H is its big brother.

With full remote control function, 4 PFL motors are installed. Among them, 2 motors are used to drive the track, 1 motor is used to raise and lower the blade, and the other 1 motor is used to raise and lower the ripper. Such a design enables the model to realize various actions and functions.

The D9H model also includes a detailed engine compartment and detailed cockpit, adding to the realism of the model. At the same time, it also shows a V6 piston engine that can rotate, making the driving process more realistic.

Overall, the MOC-83756 Caterpillar D9H Remote Control Bulldozer Building Block Model is a well-designed building block model that showcases the details and functions of construction machinery.

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