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Meet magurean.paul, a brilliant MOC (My Own Creation) designer known for his extraordinary fantasy themed brick creations. With his unrivaled imagination and design talent, he has captured the hearts of countless fans, mesmerizing them with his beautiful and mesmerizing creations. Within the community, magurean.paul has earned widespread admiration and respect for his extraordinary talents. His creations transport admirers into a realm of fantasy where imagination knows no bounds.

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-131785 Wraith-HiveShip Spaceship (22531PCS)

MOC-131785 Wraith-HiveShip is a realistic model of a game scene, featuring aesthetic and practical details. Consisting of 22,531 high-quality parts, the color is accurate and the material is environmentally friendly, ensuring a safe and smooth assembly experience. Compatible with famous Danish brand building block sets, suitable for display and collection, and cost-effective.

The Hive Ship is a massive ghost mothership that can host thousands of ghosts and their ghost dart fighters. Capable of entering planetary atmospheres and landing, Hive Ships use a unique biotechnologically constructed hull that provides hull regeneration and protection benefits. The hive spaceship can be connected with the zero point module to increase its strength and form a super hive, which is almost invincible.

MOC-112646 Borg Cube Warship Building Blocks MOC Set (1363PCS)

MOC-112646 Borg Cube Battleship is designed based on the game scene, which has solidity, beauty, entertainment and collection value. A total of 1363PCS high-quality building blocks, compatible with mainstream brands, accurate in color, stable in structure, and comfortable to the touch. The parts are packed in separate bags, saving time and cost for building block lovers to collect, compatible with the Danish building block set, and cost-effective.

The Borg Cube is a powerful starship used by the Borg Collective in the 24th century, alongside the Sphere as the primary ship type. Known as one of the most destructive weapons. First public contact occurred in 2365, when the USS Enterprise-D encountered a single cube in the J-25 system. However, researchers from the USS Raven tracked down the Borg Cube in 2347. Every encounter with a single cube resulted in heavy casualties.

MOC-108178 Interdictor-class Star-Destroyer (922PCS)

MOC-108178 Interceptor Star Destroyer is a building block set based on the game scene design, which has excellent sturdiness, aesthetics, entertainment and collection value.

Interceptor-class Star Destroyers, also known as Interceptor-class heavy cruisers, are ships used by the Galactic Empire that launch interceptor fields to pull ships out of hyperspace or prevent them from entering the speed of light. Less common in the Imperial Navy, but considered a dangerous design by the Rebel group, it relied on hit-and-run tactics.

Designer magurean.paul modified the original design, changing Kdapt-Preacher’s Immobilizer 418 Cruiser to the interceptor used by Admiral Thrawn’s Seventh Fleet in the attack on Atolon Island in the TV show “Star Wars: Rebels” Class Star Destroyer version, commanded by Admiral Cassius Constantine. For more awesome designs, it is recommended to visit Kdapt-Preacher’s profile.

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