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   lux.bricks is an outstanding brick designer known for his outstanding mid-century MOC (My Own Creation) designs. His creative talent has attracted the attention of many building block enthusiasts. His work is stunning. lux.bricks’ unique level of creativity and craftsmanship has earned him widespread admiration and respect among fans of mid-century MOC bricks.

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-128617 Outpost

The MOC-128617 Outpost model features an original design and realistic interior parts.

This product has been modified and reviewed many times to maximize the appearance of the scene.

Its design structure is reasonable and the construction is incredibly sturdy. Coupled with its unique design and color matching, it has superior ornamental and collection value.


It is located on a large river and can only be reached by sea. It serves as a lookout point to spot invaders of the kingdom from a distance.

MOC-132180 Medieval Arena

This Medieval Arena model designed by lux.bricks is equipped with authentic interior parts.The product has been modified many times and has a reasonable and sturdy structure, providing an excellent building experience and perfect repair results. The model’s unique design and color scheme make it an impressive display and collector’s item, and provides a lot of fun when assembling it.

The weather in the kingdom was sunny and cloudless. It was the perfect day for a big tournament to honor the king and queen. Brave knights gather together to fight for honor and glory. This MOC consists of six buildings: a grand stand for the nobility of the kingdom, a small wooden stand for the common people, a tent for participating knights, a horse stand, a championship enclosure, and last but not least Yes, there is also a food and drink place.

MOC-144453 Medieval Falcon’s Watchtower Pirate Architecture Model(1403PCS)

This beautiful and well-designed Falcon Watchtower model highly restores the real appearance, has a stable structure, and adds many practical details to increase the fun of assembly, taking into account the optimization of the appearance and playability of the entire set.

Suitable for ages 10+ and packaged in a graphic carton, this cost-effective building block set is perfect as a gift, home decor, collection, or a great gift for junior designers, mid-century model enthusiasts, and more.

Falcon Watchtower:

This MOC is called “Falcon Watchtower.” It is located near the outer borders of the kingdom. There also lived an old farmer who raised pigs in a hut.

Model Real Pictures

photo by steveb013

photo by Slyman_rocky

MOCs Designed by lux.bricks

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