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Lukas2020 | MOC Designer

Hello everyone! Today, I want to introduce lukasrsdesign (Lukas2020), a talented MOC race car designer with a deep passion for F1 racing that has spanned many years. He has always dreamed of integrating this passion into his designs, and to date, he has created 73 MOC race car models, including iconic vehicles like the F1, MP4, RS6, SF90, F2007, and 599GTB.

Lukas2020’s designs are predominantly in a 1:8 scale, aiming to showcase the intricate internal details of the original cars. As a meticulous designer, Lukas2020 frequently visits official car showrooms to study and observe every detail of the real race cars. His relentless dedication ensures that his MOC models closely mirror their real-life counterparts. When placed side by side with the actual cars, his MOC creations can be astonishingly realistic, often leading to the impression that a mini version of the car has been produced.


Lukas2020’s MOC designs are cherished by many race car MOC enthusiasts. Fans often bring their assembled MOC race cars to various exhibitions, such as the MOC exhibitions in the Netherlands. Some even use his models as wall decorations, proudly displaying them in their homes. One fan, for instance, has a 1:10 scale MP4 race car model prominently showcased in their living room, making it the focal point upon entering the room—a truly impressive sight. (picture by @joshakam)

Lukas2020 believes that MOC race cars are not just toys but a blend of art and passion. Through his designs, he aims to inspire more people to embrace their love for racing and creativity. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned enthusiast, Lukas2020 looks forward to sharing his creativity and enthusiasm with you, exploring the endless possibilities of MOC racing car design together.


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