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Loxlego profile

    Loxbrick is an outstanding MOC (My Own Creation) brick designer known for his outstanding modern vehicle designs. His work is full of exquisite detail and creativity. His works are very popular in the building block community and have received positive reviews and widespread attention. Loxbrick provides new inspiration and challenges for building block enthusiasts with its unique and impressive models.

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-34316 Black Pickup Car Model (3433PCS/Black)

The design of the MOC-34316 black pickup truck model is stable and beautiful, full of practical details, which enhances the fun of assembly, and focuses on optimizing the appearance and playability of the entire set. This cost-effective building block set has great display and collection value.

Equipped with the most powerful Buwizz battery, the 1:8 scale car can reach the fastest speed. Shock absorbers are connected to the spring doors, electronic braking, an openable hood, 2 fans at the rear, and a twin-turbo V6 engine, which is amazingly fast. The wheels turn to drive the steering wheel, and the manual version has HOG gears. 2 buggy motors powered by 2 buwizz, with choice of 2 XL motors or full manual.

MOC-13655 Orange Supercar Model(3141PCS)

The MOC-13655 orange supercar model has an original design and a realistic interior. It has been revised and reviewed many times to restore the appearance of the scene to the greatest extent. The structure is reasonable in design, sturdy and durable, and has unique color matching. It has high ornamental and collection value.

Featuring a front clamshell hood, an opening rear trunk, spring-loaded rear doors, front and rear torsion bar suspension, and interchangeable engines and transmissions, the orange supercar remains true to the tradition of speed, presenting a simple yet powerful presence.

MOC-72491 Supercar Model(Dynamic Version/3128PCS/Green)

The MOC-72491 supercar model is designed to be stable and beautiful, paying attention to practical details, adding fun to assembly, and optimizing the appearance and playability of the entire set. The cost-effective building block set has extremely high display and collection value.

.Green supercar: equipped with 2wd/4wd shifter, 2L motor, 1 servo motor, manually adjustable front suspension (2 ride heights), removable rear hatch, working steering wheel and HOG, V10, inboard suspension At the rear of the rack, you can choose full manual or RC operation, taking into account performance and flexibility.

Real Pictures

pictures by adunitbx

pictures by cheng67

MOCs Designed by Loxbrick

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