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Levihathan is an outstanding MOC designer known for his outstanding technical models, especially in the field of engines and cars. His work is popular because his engine models are not only sophisticated, but also run smoothly, displaying a deep understanding of engineering detail and earning him a legion of fans and followers. Levihathan is considered a creative guru in the community and his model work demonstrates design and engineering excellence, providing a wonderful modeling experience for all tech and automotive enthusiasts.

Specially Recommended Design

Mocsage CFM LEAP Engine Tech Model MOC-133571(1659PCS)

The CFM LEAP Engine set contains a battery compartment, concealed within the base, and a medium-sized M-type motor. With a well-designed&reasonable structure, this elaborate engine model highly restores the realistic appearance, of great value to display and collect.

Creation Background:
I had time to take some pictures of the engine in the studio. I took the opportunity to install a rather special mainstream thrust reverser on this LEAP, since it doesn’t have petal opening kinematics, but works due to a sliding part of the nacelle.
This movement redirects airflow to the front of the engine. I thought of a locking system with rubber pieces that close securely and open with a little resistance.

MOC-42656 Tech Theme Automobile Racing Car Model (1864PCS)

This individual racing car model features a cool body shape, classic rear wing, and cool color matching; the overall construction method and matching to attract car enthusiasts and future engineers. Designed with a one-of-a-kind design, well-coordinated color scheme, this model provides high visual appeal and collectible value.

– Fake V12 engine
– Independent pushrod type suspensions
– Steering by HOG + Working steering wheel
– 4 speeds sequential transmission + paddle shifting
– Rear cover articulated
– Elytre openable doors

MOC-96897 HC 300 Excavator Model(Dynamic Version/1957PCS)

Message from Levihathan: The HC 300 was the bigger excavator in the world in 1968!

I wanted to control the model with a smartphone so I used Control+/Power up applications. The excavator has also manual features. I used electrical linear actuators instead of pneumatics to enhance playability.

The excavator must be able to rise one track from the ground by using the bucket and his motorized arm. Inventory is mainly based on #42082. The main design is based on 8043 set.

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MOCs Designed by Levihathan

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