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Legoprofi is a very outstanding Building MOC (My Own Creation) designer. His designs are always colorful and interesting. He is very good at using plants and other supporting roles to make his models richer and more beautiful. His works are excellent displays and collectibles, and are loved and admired by many.

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-50724 Wizard Tower

MOC-50724 Wizard Tower is a beautiful building block model with 9555 parts. This mockup presents an attractive cylindrical wizard tower with a unique and eye-catching design. The color of each brick is subtly matched, and the spiral staircase and cobwebs outside the tower add a mysterious and dark atmosphere to the whole model.

The model is highly detailed and realistic, capturing every aspect of the Wizard’s Tower masterfully. From the tower body to the spire, every part has been carefully crafted, giving people a feeling as if they are in a fantasy world. Not only that, but the design of the model incorporates wilted flowers, adding a unique aesthetic.

Besides being visually appealing, MOC-50724 Wizard Tower is also highly playable. Once assembled, you can creatively play and interact with details inside and outside the model, immersing you in endless adventure stories.

MOC-136699 Cityscape Series Seaside Fisherman’s House Street Scene(1500PCS)

Building block model MOC-136699 Cityscape Series Seaside Fisherman’s House Street Scene (1500PCS) is a building block model with rich playability. Its design is inspired by seaside urban landscape architecture, and it reproduces the seaside scene with its realistic stone road, allowing players to have great fun during the construction process.

Although the model is equipped with instructions to assist in assembly, its complex construction process requires some experience in MOC construction. Expect to take around 12-18 hours to complete the entire model, so patience is an essential quality. The assembly process of this model promotes creativity and manual skills, so it is suitable for players who like a challenge and seek hands-on action.

The model is very delicate in details, showing the powerful skills of Legoprofi, and also has high viewing and appreciation value.

MOC Medieval Streetscape Church

MOC Medieval Streetscape Church is an attractive brick model that is inspired by medieval churches and showcases colorful architectural details. The whole model is full of historical and cultural atmosphere, making people feel as if they have traveled through the streets of the Middle Ages.

The exterior design of the model is exquisite and detailed, using brick-red tiles and stained glass, which makes the whole church appear elegant and solemn. The tile-like wall details subtly reproduce the typical style of medieval architecture, giving people a strong sense of history.

Not only the church itself is attractive, but the surrounding environment of the model is also unique. Many small flowers and plants are dotted beside the buildings, adding a natural warm atmosphere and making the whole streetscape more vivid.

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MOCs Designed by legoprofi

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