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Langemat is a very outstanding train MOC (My Own Creation) designer, whose works have been loved by many enthusiasts. In addition to creating train MOC, he also excels in train scenes, carriages, etc. Not only has Langemat shown amazing talent in model design, he has also earned widespread respect and admiration in the community. His creations stand out for their exquisite detail, realistic appearance, talent and passion to bring endless fun and inspiration to model train lovers.

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-56807 BR 110 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn

The BR110 is a four-axle diesel locomotive registered in 1970 that served freight and passenger duties on the Deutsche Bahnhof in East Germany.

Langemat’s model is an exact replica of the original locomotive’s appearance and detail, and contains around 1,000 different parts. It measures 39.2 studs long, 8 studs wide (9.4 studs with door handle), 13.6 studs high, and weighs approximately 700 grams (including motor). The model can choose whether to add a 9V train motor to realize the remote control function.

This model features a crimson striped color scheme that mimics the look of the prototype locomotive. Its interior is well-designed, and the side covers and roof sections can be opened to reveal details of the engine, radiator and cab. The MOC-56807 BR 110 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn is a refined and impressive building block model that will provide great fun and satisfaction to model railway enthusiasts.

MOC-81729 BR110 + Mixed Goods

It consists of BR110 and truck parts, including BR110 body, box car, oil tank truck, and flatbed truck. Restore details, rich and complete.

The BR110 reproduces a real train.

Box wagon represents an ordinary covered wagon with central side door. It doesn’t follow a specific original wagon, which is langemat’s own imagination.

The tank wagon represents a typical 4-axle tank wagon with single tank. The bogies allow a very smooth passing of curves and turnouts.

The flat wagon represents a stake wagon with two axles. Because of the long wheel distance, the wagon is equipped with a turn mechanism, so both axles can follow curved tracks. The stakes are removable and the deck can be loaded with different goods.

MOC-62517 BR132 Diesel Locomotive Model(1523PCS)

MOC-62517 BR132 Diesel Locomotive Model perfectly restores the heavy-duty diesel locomotive BR132 that can undertake long-distance freight and passenger transport tasks. This model showcases the six-axle design of the diesel locomotive, allowing it to turn with ease and traverse complex branching tracks, providing an immersive simulation experience for model railroad enthusiasts.

Langemat has restored every detail of the prototype locomotive with extraordinary skills and exquisite workmanship, including the appearance of the locomotive, wheels, doors, etc., maintaining the authenticity as much as possible.

Representing langemat’s talent and love for model trains, it requires a certain amount of construction skill and patience to build, making it the perfect collector’s item.

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