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Josszo is an outstanding train MOC (My Own Creation) designer who has captured the hearts of countless train lovers with his exquisite creations. His train creations are exquisite, displaying his great attention to detail and creative expression. Josszo has shown great talent in creating an amazing train MOC that has received a lot of love and praise. His works are not only building block models, but also a train world full of artistic value and historical sense, which makes people intoxicated by his creativity and design.

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-117307 Historical Rheingold (1928) Passenger Train

This Moc pack represents the historic Rheingold Express of 1928. The set consists of the BR23 steam locomotive, a baggage car, a 1st and 2nd class car each and a lounge car for each class with a bar. Each wagon has a different interior design. The baggage wagon is empty on purpose, because I have planned the motorisation of the train here. There is a hole in the base plate through which the cables of up to 2 train motors can be led to the battery box.

The train has a total length of 2.93 metres (366 studs). The BR23 is 61 studs long and 13 studs high. The passenger coaches are each 63 studs long and also 13 studs high. The baggage car is 53 studs long and 14 studs high.

MOC-117702 GWR 8W Hall Class “Olton-Hall” Steam Locomotive(1003PCS)

‘Hall’ class locomotives were used all over the Great Western and Western Region. Their duties were diverse from standing in for failed ‘Castles’ on expresses (and keeping to tight schedules) to heavy freight work and secondary passenger services. The impressive acceleration of these engines made them particularly suited to the duties that required frequent stops, where the smaller wheels gave greater adhesion and therefore reduced slipping when starting from standstill.

This moc is designed in 8 studs wide and has a length of 56 studs and a height of 13 studs. All parts in white can be replaced with any color, because they are not visible from the outside. In the tender is enough space for a motorization, which can be converted with little effort.

MOC-99054 LNER Class A4 Steam Locomotive

The “Flying Scotsman” is a British steam locomotive legend that ran without stopping on the route between the British capital London and the Scottish capital Edinburgh from 1928 until its retirement in 1963. In 1934, the “Flying Scotsman” was the first locomotive that could accelerate to 160 km/h. Since the beginning of 2016, a lavishly restored model has been back on the rails.

This moc is designed in 8 wide and kept as close as possible to the original. It is true to scale and with its additional tender a real eye-catcher. The complete steam locomotive with both tenders is 90 studs long and 13 studs high. The locomotive can be motorized with little effort, and there is enough space in both tenders for the battery box and the infrared receiver. Most of the white parts can be replaced with any other color, because they are not visible from the outside.

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