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Gdale is an outstanding MOC building block model designer, good at designing movie-like amusement ride building block models. His works are always full of movement and bright colors, bringing a feeling of joy and excitement. His unique style makes him stand out among many designers, loved and admired by many people.

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-80218 Fairground Meteorite Ride-Aka Roundup or Spinball

The LEGO Fairgrounds Meteorite Ride (Round Up or Spinball) is an exciting building block model. It is fully motorized using LEGO Powered Up motors and can be loaded onto a trailer. The model also restores the rides in reality, which can be rotated and lifted to bring players a real playground experience.

It has a diameter of 35 cm and consists of 1698 fine parts. If trucks are included, it even reaches 2111 parts. Gdale modified the tractor from the LEGO 5590 set, changing the colour, hitch, steering, and replacing some harder-to-find parts to create this unique brick model.

It’s worth mentioning that while the newer Powered Up hubs and motors are used, they can also be replaced with older Power-enabled motors and IR receivers to achieve the same effect.


MOC-107973 Double-loop Roller Coaster Model(2466PCS)

MOC-107973 Double-loop Roller Coaster Model (2466PCS) is a detailed building block model that perfectly restores the design of the Double Ring Roller Coaster. It is equipped with a motor for dynamic display.

Press the button and the model will start to rotate, bringing people immersive fun. This building block model is carefully designed, and every detail is accurately reproduced, making people feel like they are in a real roller coaster park.

The assembled model is not only a unique and creative gift, but also an impressive home decoration. It brings fun and color to any room and enhances parent-child bonding. Family and friends build this model together and enjoy the fun of creation together, which will become a precious memory.

MOC-50552 Octopus Fairground ride

The MOC-50552 Octopus Fairground ride is an exciting building block model with 1673+ parts. It perfectly restores the scene in reality, making people feel as if they were there.

This model is equipped with a motor, which can realize dynamic display, making the octopus ride full of dynamic beauty. At the push of a button, the model starts spinning for immersive fun. Every detail has been accurately reproduced, making this building block model very delicately designed.

Building this octopus playground model is not only fun, it enhances parent-child interaction. Family and friends participate together, enjoy the fun of building together, and create beautiful memories. The assembled model is not only a unique and creative gift, but also an impressive home decoration. No matter which room it is placed in, it will bring fun and color to the environment.

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