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MOC-79655 Medieval House Review

As an alternative to Lego set 21325 – Medieval Blacksmith, this MOC restores a medieval house that is built on a raised floor that can be accessed by the bridge. MOC-79655 is one of the sets from medieval theme series, which is built using only the parts from 21325 (spare pieces may be included).  

1316PCS are included inside the set for building such a classic medieval shed of which the assembly is less challenging, and therefore the product is recommended for people over 8 years old, which helps reach a wider audience to some extent.    

So what are the strengths and weaknesses of this MOC set? Let’s take a closer look at it!

Quality of the Bricks & Packing

Compatible with the parts from other leading building block brands in the market, all bricks in the set are of great quality as there is no rough edges and it does not smell like any odor, which is all because that they are made of premium ABS material.

You are able to get a satisfactory experience throughout the whole building process. MOC-79655 is not inferior at all even when compared with products from reputed Danish brands. The quality of the bricks determines whether or not the model offers a smooth building process and a solid construction. The only fly in the ointment being the fact that the parts are packed without classification. And this certainly affects MOC experience to some extent. The contrast is even stronger when you have another MOC set with sorted and packaged parts. This shows that, in addition to focusing on the details of the product itself, the way of parts packing also requires more more thought.


The user manual in PDF is stored on a USB flash drive, which allows you to copy and causes no harm to the environment. The time it takes to build the model varies from person to person. Nevertheless, the whole process usually takes about eight hours. What makes you feel relaxed is that you are allowed to build the model step by step with the easy-to-follow instructions, thus it will not be a great challenge to finish the assembly.

There has always been a concern that the colors of the bricks on the instruction manual is very different from the actual colors, as this can make the building process difficult. However, this problem does not exist at all with this product, which is quite rare compared to other similar MOC sets.

Building Experience & Details

This MOC should be assembled from the bottom up. There is no intricate internal structure since the assembled model only comes only with one floor. But at the same time, a variety of details are designed for the medieval house. There is a small fire place, a little kitchen and a dining and seating area. The entire roof and top of the chimney can be taken off to access the interior so that everything inside the house is in plain view. There are also some various items around the house, such as a well, a vegetable garden and a small tree. The base can not be disassembled freely, which is not really a big problem. Whereas, the connections of the assembled model seem to be kind of loose. And it will definitely turn into an annoying thing if you are a perfectionist. MOC-79655 adopts a clever color scheme – the classic brown wood beams&fences go with the gradient blue roof and white wall. But just so you know, this set does not include any stickers, which may be a little disappointing. On the other hand, it’s probably a good thing, isn’t it? Because I, for one, don’t like to spend extra time putting stickers on models. (Of course I might change my mind if there were stickers. Lol.) Objectively speaking, this MOC set comes with really simple contents. Of course, some MOCers don’t care too much about this either.


Other Uses

For me, assembling the model is not only a way to immerse myself in the world of building blocks, but also a way to share my happiness with other people through an amazing MOC. What’s more, I can use it as a background decoration or give it to others as a wonderful gift, prize during the back-to-school seasons and holidays. So this is a model that gives you the joy of building and also gives the joy to others at the same time.

After-sales Service

Good after-sales service will make our shopping experience instantly improved since nobody likes to be stuck after a purchase. And I have to say that the customer service on LETbricks really helps me a lot with my questions and the Politique de remboursement et de retour for MOC-79655 on it is quite reasonable.


In summary, this MOC set is considered to be an ideal gift, decor, display and so on as the overall cost performance of it is higher than most similar medieval themed MOCs on the market. Some imperfections did present themselves, though. Honestly, the way the parts are packed is kind of casual since it can actually be much more convenient for MOCers to save a lot of time and to build the MOC with higher efficiency. Another thing that bothers MOCers like me is that no stickers are included in the package, while little did they realize that the model will be even more attractive if the stickers are nicely attached to it. The structure of the assembled model is relatively solid from the overall point of view, however, there will be a little looseness in the connections of the various parts of the model, and the base cannot be disassembled freely after the model is built. And yet, the set should be given a chance, because with a little improvement, many points can be corrected for better MOC building experience.

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