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  • PCS: 7500+ pcs
  • Weight: 15.5lbs
  • Dimensions: W 22in, L 26in, H 18in
  • Licensed from designer SleeplessNight
  • Compatible with Medieval Blacksmith 21325
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  • Ship within 45 days

From The Designer SleeplessNight:

“A Castle to match your brand new Medieval Blacksmith!

Now that we have an official medieval themed set, it’s time for an actual castle. It needs to be detailed and pretty big not to look silly next to the Blacksmith building. Nothing is known about such a set coming any time soon from LEGO, the 3 in 1 Creator being a different category – so I decided to design one for You!

The exterior represents a “realistic” medieval fortification, without purely “fantasy” elements. It consists of a large keep and a courtyard surrounded by a curtain wall, stables, two towers and a gatehouse.

The interiors are spacious and have some basic furniture and accessories, including tables, chairs, beds and fireplaces. One fireplace is fitted with red light brick. I did not include floor tiling and advanced decorations, so as to keep the style compatible with the Medieval Blacksmith!”

“Designed by Morningstrummer of Rebrickable, the product is a highly realistic replica of the Big Boy steam locomotive, the largest and most powerful steam locomotive in history. It is the only steam locomotive with 4-8-8-4 wheels in the world. There are two sets of driving wheels in front and rear of the train, each set of four axle eight driving wheels, and two axle four wheels without power guide wheels or slave wheels. Two sets of driving wheels have independent pistons and crank connecting rods. Length: 89cm, Width: 8.5cm, Hight: 13.5cm.”

The Viking Collection

  • PCS: 2476 pcs
  • Weight:3.8KG
  • Dimensions: W 27CM, L 17CM, H 7CM
  • Licensed from designer lego_fan_uy
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  • Ship within 15 days

The designer is Gonzalo from UY Montevideo. His works include Castles, Towns and Vikings. So far, he has created 31 MOCs, and he is always willing to listen to his fans’ ideas and suggestions to let us see better works.

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