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MOC-79570 Friends Apartment –
The Restoration of Friends

If you are one of the devoted fans of Friends as well, then this blog will also be of great benefit to you. The biggest charm of “Friends” may have the same appeal as its name. It gives life to each character, giving them flesh and blood.

For us loyal followers, they are like friends we have known for many years, with their own unique charm and enduring shortcomings. For us, it is a long-standing and companionship relationship. We experience life with it throughout.

Brief Introduction of Friends: From Confusion to Maturity

From 1994 to 2004, Friends took a cafe called Central Park as the main stage, telling all kinds of funny, romantic and bizarre stories around six young men and women living under the same roof.

Six men and women met at the most confused stage of their generation, from graduating from college to entering the society, until they were in their thirties, getting married and having children. Young Americans’ living circumstances at the time were represented in the hilarity among the six characters, and the frequent jokes and criticisms also sparked the affection and resonance of a great many individuals.

The main characters in the show have also grown close over the past ten years and have become the ones they are most familiar with. The greatest way to interpret their relationship is through the lyrics “I’ll be there for you, like I’ve been there before”. 

For the majority of us Friends fans, loving the show Friends is more than just a nostalgic feeling because everyone has a shadow and a past. Friends is regarded as an aspirational and uplifting TV show for young people in general. Everyone has come to understand the significance of their own lives after ten years.

Representative Scenes of High Attentance

MOC-79570 Amigos Apartamento that I have been addicted to covers three most classic filming locations, the Central Park Café, Monicas Apartment, and Chandler and Joeys Apartment, which is in a total of 4642PCS.

As we can see in the building blocks set, the ground floor is the Central Perk Cafe & Pub. The design stays true to the specifications of the official set but enlarges the footprint to accommodate the apartments on the upper levels.

El segundo piso is an apartment. Along with the original set’s characteristics, it also has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a balcony with stairs leading to the third story.

El tercer piso is an apartment that includes 2 bedrooms and a door going to the balcony. Similar to the previous floors, the majority of the original set were preserved.  The true distances between their apartments did not match up with the TV show setting, as can be seen.

Central Park Café

Él Central Park Café is based on an idiosyncratic Manhattan restaurant. And it is in the cafe called Central Park Café that the protagonists meet and begin to live together in the apartment above the cafe.

The all-green interior decor of this building blocks set fits perfectly with the show. There are other intriguing aspects as well. The orange sofa, the bar next to the table, the piano next to the door, and the coffee machine are all common props in the show.

The recognizable orange sofa from this Friends series gives this cafe a unique impression. It is also said that unearthed from a corner of the basement of a Warner Bros, prop warehouse, was cleaned and mended by the team before being brought back to life.

The orange sofa is the most striking design even when the show first begins, before the theme tune is sung. This serves as a starting point for their friendship as well as a representation of a lasting friendship.

Furthermore, the newspaper unquestionably owns the ubiquitous prop that constantly appears in this show. I’m sure you haven’t watched this show enough if you don’t concur with that. This block set replicates the table’s living design.

Chandler and Joey’s Apartment

As you can see from the picture below, on the second floor is Chandler’s apartment with two eye-catching black couches and a game table that are visible as soon as you enter the door. The configuration of the two bedrooms is identical to that of the television show, being on opposite sides of the wall behind it. 

Have you noticed the “Worthy Stuff” in the living room? Yeah, it is that canoe next to the wall. After they were robbed, only this was the most valuable in the whole room. They were going to sell the cabinet with sturdy construction and tons of storage compartments. And Joey struggled to find a buyer who is really appreciated for his handmade work. In the end, he was locked up in this cabinet that made him feel like in a coffin.

And Joey fetched more stuff for free from the basement. Chandler looked and said, “Could we two be more white trash?”

Don’t you feel enticed after taking in each colorful design in this “Friends Apartment building block set? I would definitely watch this episode again because every each aspect is so realistic.

Monica’s apartment

Of course, Monica’s flat must be mentioned as another highlight towards the conclusion. It is this apartment alone that has carried the joys and sorrows of 6 people in the past ten years. There is no doubt that this room is the “hero” among the whole set.

The frame of this room in the building blocks nonetheless gives off a comfortable sensation. First of all, when you push the purple door, the kitchen area is on the left. During festive seasons, Monica, as the chef, is always busy preparing gourmet feasts here. Then, you’ll see the living room where the six buddies assemble, and the spacious balcony where they used to sneak peek at other dudes will thereafter be visible, as expected.

It is said that Monicas apartment in the show is based on the set designer’s own 1970s apartment. It can be seen that the status of this well-designed room is immeasurable.

To Wrap It All Up

Each of the 4642 PCS in the complete set works together to give you the most realistic shooting spot possible. In the meantime, the entire set expands the area for a fantastic construction experience.

We hope this article presented you all the knowledge you require about MOC-79570 Friends Apartment to make an informed choice. Please don’t be hesitant to take this set of building blocks home if you really enjoy Friends. Absolutely can’t beat this deal.

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