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Summer sale


Summer is here! With the hot weather preventing us from getting out of the bedroom, maybe we should stop and discover more summer-friendly games. This promotion applies to all Letbricks products, so start shopping!

Welcome to summer!!!

Summer is here, pay attention to heatstroke prevention. Letbricks is holding a summer sale, hoping to have fun all summer long.


Medieval Pirate Themed Town and Sabre Island Set

Welcome to the pirate-era modular town! For several dozen years this small port town on the lagoon remained derelict. However, a few years ago, with renewed interest in local trade routes, great efforts were made to refurbish buildings and the waterfront. The fortifications were strenghtened with addition of a new observation turret. Harbor Master’s Office was errected. Beautiful, intricate pavements were laid as a sign of the new prosperous era. Unfortunately, two years ago the peace of this place was disturbed again by the appearance of a pirate by the name of Redbeard and his infamous ship – the Barracuda.

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