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Interview @Barduck

The author of the train series, and his works are mostly diesel-electric freight locomotives. The most popular train model is UP ES44AC. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Letbricks interview with Barduck Self-introduction (name, where you are from, hobbies, etc.) My real name is Hans, 50 years old, father of 5, living in Belgium. My day job […]

The best pirate series MOCs of 2022

Introduction Pirates theme was first introduced in 1989 and gained plenty of popularity because of its classic story of good and evil which is mainly about Caribbean pirates pitting their wits against imperial soldiers and indigenous people. With the mention of the pirate theme, what comes into mind first is the large pirate ship with […]

Review Stammeshöhle — Ben

Hallo liebe Klemmbaustein-Fans, liebe Freunde des gepflegten Steine-Kombinierens, heute möchte ich euch mal ein bisschen über das Set „Stammeshöhle mit Schweinestall“ erzählen. Dieses Set ist eines der kleineren Sets auf dieser Seite, hat aber trotzdem ein paar sehr schöne Details, welche wir uns jetzt mal zusammen anschauen werden. Viel Spaß! Zur Vorbemerkung: Ich habe dieses […]

Brick-Built Flowers in Time for Mother’s Day

Since we received officially licensed nature-themed sets were released, such as the 10280 Bouquet and the 10281 bonsai tree, “organic” sets – or builds attempting to recreate real-life shapes, and structures like plants or animals – have become much more mainstream and versatile. The art, however, is one that has a deep and vibrant history […]

Easter Special: Notable Sets Across all LetBricks’ Themes this Spring

As a new season turns around, today I will be exploring some of the best sets across the 5 primary architectural themes Letbricks has to offer! Exploring some of my personal favourites, those that are on my top wish list this spring and those that stand out in quality and design, we’ll explore what is […]

Review about European Medieval Blacksmith’s Shop

Overall Impression and Rating Overall, I really like this build. It has a lot of shortcomings and was sometimes a pain to construct, and many of its redeeming qualities are inspired by the official set, but the designers did a great job taking the inspiration and turning it into something which is incredible to look […]

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