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Interview @Langemat


The designer is a very helpful person, his main work focuses on trains, and most trains are from Germany. He always patiently listens to every customer’s suggestion and responds one by one. I hope you can find out more about him on rebrickable.


Letbricks interview with Langemat

  1. Self-introduction (name, where you are from, hobbies, etc.)

My name is Matthias, I am born in Germany but since many years I live in Singapore. My hobbies are model trains and “Lego”, and here mainly the topic “train”. My 3 sons brought me actually back to the bricks after some years of “dark ages”. Since I was a child, I love trains and most of my trains MOCs today are referring to my childhood in East Germany decades ago.

  1. Why did you choose the profession of designer?

To be clear, it is not my profession yet. It’s still “just” a hobby for me even I spend quite some time in modelling and designing. It is a logical step, I think, if you build and play for years with Lego. You think about your own creation and these creations become better and better. And one of my first train MOCs, I just upload online for fun, but the feedback and reaction was overwhelming and so I thought: “Why not?” And this MOC is still one of my most sold models.

  1. What has this career brought you?

My hobby and the releasing of my MOCs to the public brought me new contacts to people following the same hobby. I can discuss with them about my MOCs (or their creations) and so we help each other and exchange ideas, opinions and experiences.

  1. What is your opinion on MOC?

If you “play” with “Lego” or however you want to call these ABS bricks, it is natural that you start with your own creations. I think many people do that. But people like me go an extra mile. They do not only design the MOC, but they also create a building instruction for it and share it. So, people who like the creation but maybe not able or willing to do it by themselves, can now get this instruction and build the same model. And it is even better, that we now have companies like Letbricks which offer complete sets (necessary bricks and instruction in one box) of such MOCs.

  1. What are your thoughts and impressions of the letbricks website?

In general, the website is easy to understand, and the navigation is simple as it can be from my perspective. The highest interest on the website is the presentation of my MOCs of course. If I see how my MOCs are presented, I do not always agree. If you would put a bit more effort in it (better description, some model highlights, offering the stickers as well, …), I think sales would be even better.

  1. Which is your most satisfying work? Why are you most satisfied with it?

My most satisfying work or model made out of bricks is my diesel locomotive BR110. It is also my most selling MOC so far.

  1. What kind of website do you expect letbricks to become?

I wish that you become the first choice for people who are looking for interesting MOCs.

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