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Vikings Themed Series MOC Review


Do you like making DIY creations? Do you want to know how those small bricks built into an amazing model? And are you interested in medieval MOCs? Today let’s discuss three types of medieval-themed MOCs from the typical Viking series. All these could be found in Letbricks.

The Vikings were a seafaring people from the late eighth to early 11th century who established a name for themselves as traders, explorers and warriors. They discovered the Americas long before Columbus and could be found as far east as the distant reaches of Russia. While these people are often attributed as savages raiding the more civilized nations for treasure and women, the motives and culture of the Viking people are much more diverse. These raiders also facilitated many changes throughout the lands from economics to warfare.


Originally designed & licensed by bricks_fan_uy with the least components, special design skills and colors, these MOC sets achieve the best visual effect while bringing immersive fun. Made of eco-friendly, odorless and harmless ABS material to give it a pretty textured outlook, the finished model really makes a highly collectible project, a home & office decoration and an incredible gift choice. Compatible with other renowned medieval-themed sets, these Viking collections can be put together to form a complete series of scene rather than being single showcases or display.

The Viking Longship MOC-98225

At the heart of the Viking culture lies the Viking ship. These extraordinary vessels, longships in particular, shaped the lives of the sea-faring Norse and changed the course of European history. The Vikings’ ship-building craft reached a high point in the 7th century when they invented the keel, a structural beam that runs from the bow to the stern and sits lower than the main body of the ship. This feature increased speed and stability and prevented unwanted lateral movement. The keel, along with the addition of a large mast and sail, would ultimately allow the Norsemen to make long journeys across the North Atlantic.

The longships were usually adorned with carved dragon heads at the bow, which were believed to keep evil spirits away. The dragon head coupled with a large square, red-striped sail would come to be known as the signature of the Vikings. The sight would strike fear into the hearts of Europeans for three centuries.

The great Vikings based their power in swift attacks from the sea and quick incursions in the continent sailing upstream with unprecedented expertise. The longship, dragon headed, is the ultimate symbol of their golden age and this is a humble rendition to these iconic and admirable vessels. These lightweight and fast vessels were key to the Viking age occurrence.

With a shape of dragon and a great length, this Viking longship model looks more like a Chinese Dragon Boat. It is rich in color with many delicate details, such as the blue flag, red and white decorated sails, removable copper masts and booms, black and copper oars, yellow storage box, grey shields, black light, some weapons, etc. And block figures can be added to create a real sailing scene. A total of 314 parts are included in this MOC set and detailed instructions are provided, making it a breeze to assemble even for novices

The Viking Mead Hall MOC-96080


In ancient Scandinavia and Germanic Europe, a mead hall or feasting hall was simply a large building with a single room. From the 5th century to early medieval time such a building was the residence of a lord and his men with the mead hall generally being the great hall of the king. In this hall, the king would treat his guests with superb hospitality. Mead, ale, and food were provided as well as water and cloths to wash one’s face and hands.

Viking banquet halls, also called mead halls, were important political centers among ancient Scandinavian elites and were constructed mainly from wood. Nordic people used to gather together in great halls to feast and celebrate. The Viking Mead Hall, represents such places with a nice comfortable throne for the leader of the clan, a big hearth and table for the people to gather around, and some cups for them to drink.

This stunning build is composed of two small houses and one larger house, with a total of 746 pieces of smooth parts and easy-to-follow instructions to assemble just with ease. Taking yellow and copper as the main color, the whole model is perfectly coordinated. And all of the parts are closely connected without burrs, giving a comfortable hand feel and ensuring excellent overall experience as well.

The Viking’s House MOC-93063


Viking houses did not have chimneys or windows. Instead, there was a hole in the roof, where the smoke from the fire escaped. The lack of ventilation meant that there was a great deal of smoke in a Viking house. This is comparable to houses with open fireplaces, which are still found today in parts of Africa and India.

The longhouses had bowed walls in plan, forming a ship-like outline. The walls were lined with clay or consisted of wooden planks placed vertically into the ground, which supported the roof, along with two rows of internal posts. Outside the house was often supported by sloping posts. Roofs were slanted and could be thatched or wooden. In the middle of the house was an oblong fireplace – the long fireplace. Here the food was made. Along the walls there were plank beds, on which the Vikings could sit or sleep.

This is a simple house with Nordic architectural feats. Because the owner is a Viking, the treasure behind the door and the human skull used for the candle are all spoils from his raids. There are also some daily necessities inside the house, like cup, scoop, funnel, etc. It is designed to be the basic building block of a Viking village, but also as a playable build. The roof sections are detachable to reach the decorated interiors for small figure posing and playing. With only 311 parts, it is pretty easier to assemble.



This value-for-money Viking collection set is conducive to education and even makes a tutorial source for many building blocks designers that may give them inspirations to create those striking artworks. As they are entry-level building block MOC sets, beginners can easily start with them without any building skills or experiences. Components are all packaged in different bags and types, which helps to reduce the installation time and purchase cost. Try it now!

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