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What is a Building Block MOC?

What does MOC stand for?

MOC is an acronym for My Own Creation. And most of time people are talking about MOC sets, which refer to the creations designed & built by LEGO fans distinguished from original LEGO sets. The most important thing is that MOC requires giving full play to your own imagination with bricks to create a unique building block work. Instead of being limited to the existing LEGO’s finished themed sets, building MOC allows you to have a variety of eye-catching models ranging from medieval buildings to space warships. Some custom bricks are even able to take your imagination to the next level as they can be any shape & color. Last but not least, building MOCs makes you a designer, not just a purchaser.

How to build MOCs?

Not like buying a finished original models from online/offline shops, you are required to learn as much as you can about bricks. First, you have to distinguish bricks by size & type making them fit together properly for your ideal MOC. Make sure about the size, which depends on the studs taken up, before you pick up bricks. Note that 1×2 shows that there is 1 stud in width and 2 studs in length, and so on.

The next thing you need to be clear about is the types of bricks: bricks, plates, wedges, modified plates, modified bricks, rods, technic linkers, technic bricks, technic beams/liftarms, curved slopes, slopes and round bricks. Are there any ideas in your mind about what the bricks looks like? It is necessary to figure out what bricks you need in advance making it easy to start building an impressive MOC.

Of course, these are just the basics. Before you building an MOC yourself, go check some popular MOC works by the experienced MOCers on Rebrikable. You are able to get a better understanding of MOCs and draw your inspiration from the the ones on RB. Do you have an Itch to have a go? Take your time and focus on the next content that you can’t miss first!


Studio is a virtual Lego building software recommended for MOC designers. You can learn how to design & build your virtual MOC through this video: How to Use Bricklink’s LEGO Software [Beginner Tutorial!] 

The first step in building a perfect MOC is to decide on a theme. Think about which series interests you most and preset a specific display scene for your MOC. Building vehicle models can be a good choice for MOC beginners as vehicles come in a variety of structures, which is suitable for practice so as to enrich the experience. Take it step by step mapping out all the things you are going to do for your MOC. This time we are going with vehicles first and above all else you got to find a prototype that determines what basic parts you need. Next, design functions for your vehicle MOC model. Meanwhile, you have to make sure about the volume of the MOC, providing enough space to accommodate the functional parts. Don’t forget the vital step before you start to build – figure out the right proportions of the MOC. This is a step that should never be omitted! Otherwise the MOC will end up looking messy, or some functions can not be realized.

Sketching the general appearance and structure helps you make good use of the space inside the MOC and so that you know what parts can be used here. Concentrate on drawing the sketch and get ready to build the MOC.

There are the things that have to be done for vehicle MOCs.

  1. Make the frame (chassis)
  2. Designing functional structures
  3. Enrich the interior
  4. Build the exterior of the car
  5. Modify details, adjust the mechanical structures & test the power functions

You have to keep reminding yourself that this is an MOC and stop relying on instructions because only your own imagination makes everything for it. This is what makes your MOC stand out from others.

Are MOCs compatible with Lego?

Not all MOCs are compatible with Lego. However, it is definitely not hard for you to buy MOCs or MOC bricks compatible with Lego. Available products on Letbricks are all compatible with Lego. With various kinds of themed MOC sets, DIY accessories & bricks, Letbricks is dedicated to offer MOC enthusiasts comprehensive & excellent service.

Where to buy bricks/sets?

After having a general understanding of what a MOC is and how it is built, you may wonder how exactly you are going to buy MOC bricks. It depends on how often you build an MOC. In the first case, you only intend to build one or two MOCs a year, then buying individual parts wound be a better choice instead of sets. While collecting sets can be the the first choice if you are going to build MOCs for a long time as it is far more cost-effective. Take a good look at the colors and try to buy a set with the same colors as your MOC’s.

Where to buy individual bricks/parts?

You can buy the bricks/accessories you need from LEGO or Bricklink. Whereas the custom service of Letbricks provides more possibilities for building MOCs of sorts. It takes simple steps to get premium bricks that meet your needs without paying through the nose. Letbricks also provides an opportunity for MOC enthusiasts to show off their self-designed MOCs and make money from them.


DIY auxiliary accessories are available on Letbricks besides the custom parts. The set shown below includes universal tools for efficient MOC building free from worry.

A never-to-be-forgotten MOC is inseparable from careful assembly. Check out the tools on Letbricks and complete your own creation with them!

Where to buy MOC sets?

Want to buy superior MOCs with less money? Obviously, Legos are not the only option for you. Check these MOC sets on Letbricks covering themes such as winter Christmas, vehicle, building, etc.


An MOC is an infinitely malleable creation. You are able to add as many details as possible to make your MOC even better. Start with a theme that is relatively simple for you, then build experience and gain skills that you currently lack. You are gonna open up a new world of building blocks by creating models yourself!

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