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Interview @bricks_fan_uy

The designer is Gonzalo from UY Montevideo. His works include Castles, Towns and Vikings. So far, he has created 31 MOCs, and he is always willing to listen to his fans’ ideas and suggestions to let us see better works.

Find him on Instagram.

Letbricks interview with bricks_fan_uy

1. Self-introduction (name, where you are from, hobbies, etc.)

My name is Gonzalo, I live in Montevideo, Uruguay. My hobbies are playing music and designing brick made models. I also like to hike every now and then. I work as a telecom engineer, that is my dayjob.

2. Why did you choose the profession of designer?

I did not choose it as much as it chose me really. I had been designing MOCs as a hobby for more than a year before a Letbricks representative contacted me saying they were interested in my designs.

3. What has this career brought you?

I do not see it as a career, but an extension to my hobby in which, luckily I also get paid. Making a few extra bucks with this allows me to justify spending money on more bricks so the hobby feeds itself 🙂 full circle.

4. What is your opinion on MOC?

MOCs are the best. There are MOCs for every taste, every wallet size, every theme… it’s a true representation of the global fan of bricks community. More so than the LEGO designs out there in my humble opinion.

5. What are your thoughts and impressions of the letbricks website?

I think it is pretty impressive, the amount of great designs offered there.

6. Which is your most satisfying work? Why are you most satisfied with it?

I think it is my Viking Village builds. They are my favorite because I had a lot of fun designing those, people seem to be very fond of them as well and they fill in a place where LEGO has been remiss in my opinion. I also enjoyed the research I had to do to get inspired to build those.

7. What kind of website do you expect letbricks to become?

I’d love to see it become a big marketplace for community designs of every theme.

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