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Meet the EMD SD-70 Union Pacific


The EMD SD70 is a series of diesel-electric locomotives produced by the US company Electro-Motive Diesel in response to the GE Dash 9-44CW. Production commenced in late 1992 and since then over 5,700 units have been produced; most of these are the SD70M and SD70MAC models. While the majority of the production was ordered for use in North America, various models of the series have been used worldwide. All locomotives of this series are hood units with C-C trucks.


The SD70M has a wide nose and a large comfort cab (officially known as the “North American Safety Cab”), allowing crew members to ride more comfortably inside of the locomotive than the older standard cab designs. There are two versions of this cab on SD70Ms: the Phase 1 cab, which was first introduced on the SD60M, and the Phase 2 cab, which is a boxier design similar to the original three-piece windscreen on the SD60M, which is shared with the Phase 2 SD90MACSD89MAC, and SD80ACe. The Phase 2 cab has a two-piece windscreen like the Phase 1 windscreen but the design of the nose is more boxy, with a taller square midsection for more headroom.

This model designed by rebrickable designer Barduck is a highly realistic restoration of the EDM SD70 locomotive. The model with a simulated appearance provides an even more realistic feel and is as close to a SNOT build as possible. this model has aroused the interest of many building blocks and train enthusiasts and has received more than 7,000 views.

Facts about the set

  • Brand: MOC by Barduck over
  • Weight: 1800g
  • PCS: 1763+pcs
  • Printed parts and minifigures: No
  • Construction time: 10 hours

Packaging & Contents

Open the package, there is a building blocks set with a motor, whose components are packed in separate bags. This product is an 8-wide train that does not include printed parts and minifigures, requiring your own No. 64227 remote control.


Electrical components include: train motor x 2, battery x 1, control switch x1, receiver x 1. Also included was a USB stick on which the building instructions are located.

The 1763+ components are made of premium-quality & eco-friendly ABS materials, which are compatible with other building blocks brands, sorted manually and all care is taken. If there are any missing or damaged parts, please contact us for a FREE replacement.

The building instructions

As already mentioned, the building instructions are supplied as a PDF file in a separate USB flash disk, which is easy to follow for even novices. In the detailed instructions, all components to be installed are outlined step by step and all construction steps are shown in color. Please note the colors in line with the illustrated instructions to avoid errors.


The structure

Start building the train after emptying the bags and sorting the components. 

The foundation of the train is composed of gray, red and yellow. And as we can see in the picture, the glossy & smooth components are highly matched to each other.


With the further assembly of the train foundation, the locomotive gradually comes into being with a red bottom, a yellow body, as well as a gray & transparent top, which is full of details.


After assembling both sides of the train body, install the control switch inside the train, then build the receiver with the train roof, and finally cover the roof on the body of the train.


Now that there is a train with the basic appearance completed, let’s perfect some small details: install the guardrails on both sides of the train, assemble the motors and drive wheels together, and complete the bottom of the train and you’re done!

For more detailed assembly steps, please watch the assembly video:

Barduck’s Creation Course

Why did the designers decide to design the SD70?

I had previously done the SD60, also in Union Pacific livery. I find the colours of Union Pacific to be pleasing to look at, as you can see details much easier than in darker liveries like Norfolk Southern. After the SD60 I knew I wanted to do another Diesel engine so choosing the slightly bigger SD70 seemed logical.

How did it get built in the process?

It’s some years already that I designed that train. Normally my process is browsing thru a modeltrain website deciding what models look interesting to do in Lego, then try to find as many pictures of the real train as possible, try to find statistics about it like lenght, height and then start a rough design in Lego digital designer program. Once I’m satisfied with the initial design I port everything to MLCad (a subprogram of LDRaw) so it’s easier to make instructions and parts list. Renders I usually do with . Then order the bricks and test build.


Through the introduction of the SD70 model mentioned above, are you attracted to this perfect set? In addition to Lego 10277, the current LEGO train productions are basically small sets, whether the shape or build difficulty is suitable for teenagers. Suitable for all people over 14 years old, the 3k+pcs SD70 MOC comes with a motor, allowing static display as well as dynamic driving. The appearance of this model is repeatedly modified for high restoration, which meets the requirements of customers who like dynamic trains.

his model is a huge project to assemble, and completing this set would make you gain a sense of satisfaction and feel pride. The finished model is able to be placed on various wall cabinets at home for decoration (as shown in the right picture), at the same time, it can be placed on the track for running (as shown in the video), meeting the multiple needs of players. During the assembly process, not only can it enhance your patience, but also exercise your practical ability, helping you spend your free time. This model set will be the best choice for train and large building blocks set enthusiasts!

Some reviews form our costumers as follows:


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  1. I found out through a video and as someone who has been trying to do something like this for a long time, it’s finally surfaced to build!
    In the video it looks AMAZING and I can’t wait to build it!

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