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A small gift that fits your budget is the beginning of a relationship...


Having a large group of friends or family is never a bad thing…until the occasion for gifting arrives. Inexpensive gifts are an obvious solution, especially if you have a big budget, but you also want to make sure everyone gets what they love. Just because a gift isn’t expensive doesn’t mean it can’t be thoughtful, functional, and fun. Although we are facing some financial problems, we still can’t forget to treat ourselves, I have prepared some MOCs that fit your budget as a reference, they include color boxes and paper instructions, so that you can enjoy more meaningful leisure time!


When it comes to building blocks, many people may think that they are only for children. But in recent years, there have also been a number of MOC sets designed specifically for adults. These building blocks sets reinvigorate their fantasy of childhood, allow them to get rid of those boring hours, and have a lot of fun.

🏰MOC-68151 Medieval Lions’ Castle🏰

  • $80 OFF Coupon Code : Lion , Only $409.99,Save $80
  • PCS: 7500+ Stück
  • Gewicht: 15,5 Pfund
  • Abmessungen: B 22 Zoll, L 26 Zoll, H 18 Zoll
  • Lizenziert vom Designer SleeplessNight

👫MOC-79570 Friends Apartment👫

  • $64 OFF Coupon Code : Friend , Only $315.99,Save $64
  • Stück: 4642 Stück
  • Gewicht: 4200g
  • Maße: B 37cm, L 27cm, H 21cm
  • Entworfen und lizenziert von LegoArtisan
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