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MOC-79570 Friends Apartment –
The Restoration of Friends

If you are one of the devoted fans of Friends as well, then this blog will also be of great benefit to you. The biggest charm of “Friends” may have the same appeal as its name. It gives life to each character, giving them flesh and blood. For us loyal followers, they are like friends we have known […]


DR 18 201: The World’s Fastest Steam Steel Beast — Letbricks

I was always fascinated by train designs as a child. Trains and locomotives of various kinds have also appeared in novels, movies, etc. And I also had visions of taking the bright red Hogwarts Express train to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for an adventure. Looking at the white smoke from the locomotive chimney and […]


Get Into the Christmas Spirit with the Winter MOC Set

With the approaching Christmas, on everyone’s mind is the question of whether they will receive the gift that had been coveted for the whole 2022. If you are the one I am talking about, then this article is made for you! In winter, the most comfortable thing is to stay at home and play games with […]


Black Friday Toy Deals 2022: Toy Lists You Can’t Miss – Letbricks

When is the Black Friday? Next to Thanksgiving Day, another “big holiday” is coming, that is the crazy “Black Friday”, an annual shopping spree. Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, between November 23 and November 29. This year, Black Friday falls on November 25. The stores are going on a slash price on products. […]


The 10 Worst Rated Lego Sets – Letbricks

As a classic and everlasting brand, Lego stands for the idea that there is something for everyone, from kids to collectors. It is a toy with several uses. There are some Lego sets that have been outright horrendously received by fans. But some of these strange sets have been given some of the worst reviews […]


How to Celebrate Thanksgiving

When it comes to Thanksgiving, you might think of group activities such as giving food, setting tables, cranberry contests, corn games, pumpkin races, dress-up parades, theatrical performances and sports competitions, or eating roast Turkey, pumpkin cakes, red berry moss jam, sweet potato, corn and so on. Just thinking about any of the above can make […]

The Crusader’s Inn MOC-111710: Perfect Companion for LEGO Medieval Blacksmith

Are you a MOC enthusiast? And do you like to collect different styles of building blocks? Throughout so many medieval building blocks on the market, which one is the perfect companion for Blacksmith? Today we’ll introduce a striking Crusader’s Inn building blocks MOC set originally designed by tile_n_dye in Letbricks. This is a modular building in […]


Interview @Langemat

The designer is a very helpful person, his main work focuses on trains, and most trains are from Germany. He always patiently listens to every customer’s suggestion and responds one by one. I hope you can find out more about him on rebrickable. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Letbricks interview with Langemat Self-introduction (name, where you […]



When it comes to building blocks, many people may think that they are only for children. But in recent years, there have also been a number of MOC sets designed specifically for adults. These building blocks sets reinvigorate their fantasy of childhood, allow them to get rid of those boring hours, and have a lot […]

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