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Custom Service


Dear Customer,

Are you worried because of the official Lego sets too expensive?
Are you worried because of difficulty getting the parts?
Are you worried because of less people knows the excellent MOC work?


Letbricks.com  provides custom service from now on.

  • Sale LEGO Compatible Loose Bricks: Customer can send the parts list to us and we can help with the production. Made of high quality, eco-friendly ABS plastic which is odorless and has no rough edges.
  • To be our MOC Cooperation Designer: We are willing to cooperate with excellent designers like on Rebrickable. The designers submit your work to Letbricks. If we reach a cooperation, we will sell the work on Letbricks. Designers provide works, we provide parts services, so that block fans can enjoy  the best designs at a lower price, and at the same time encourage more creators to continue creating.  The mostly important, the MOC designer can earn money with us. We will sign a contract with the designer, and give them a system account where  can check the sales situation, the orders to be prepared, and the completed orders.

Please send me an email if you want. Let’s talk more about this.

Contact US:  service@letbricks.com or get in touch with us directly via Facebook.

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30 days money back guarantee

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