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Best Train MOC Designer Copernicus508

count_of_brick is an artist who is very good at military MOC (My Own Creation), especially good at designing warships and train MOC. His works are filled with virtuosity, creativity, and detail that are often astonishing.

His creations not only showcase the endless possibilities of building blocks, but also provide endless fun and inspiration for military and train fans.

Specially Recommended Design

1/300 Military Maritime Warship Model(2477PCS)

This model is an accurate reproduction of the famous O-class battlecruiser from World War II. Known for its streamlined hull and powerful weapons turrets, the battleship was considered one of the German Navy’s key assets in World War II.

The model’s design is superb and the right number of parts makes assembly easy and fun. Its sturdy beauty makes it ideal for collectors and model-making enthusiasts. Every detail has been carefully rendered, making the model highly visually appealing.

The design of this O-class battlecruiser represented the ambitions of the German Navy during World War II, aiming to fight convoys and weaken the Allied forces. Although ultimately never built, this project remains a part of the history of World War II naval warfare, and this model brings us a review and simulation of history.

Military Series 1/300 Scale 2-in-1 Camouflage Maritime Battleship Model(1909PCS)

This model is an impressive building block project that perfectly replicates the design concept of the German light cruiser VIII Meinz. This light cruiser was based on the development of the Admiral Hipper heavy cruiser. It was originally planned to build two ships to comply with the arms control treaties of the time.

Not only is this model suitable for building block enthusiasts, it is also a great educational building block that inspires children’s creativity and patience. It’s also an ideal gift for back-to-school season and the holidays, not only for display and decoration, but also makes a great display piece for history buffs and model collectors. Whether you are looking for an educational toy or a decorative piece, this model is attractive and unique to suit every need.

MOC-47988 Santa Fe EMD E8 Locomotive

This model accurately reproduces the Santa Fe EMD E8 locomotive from the 1940s to 1950s. Demonstrating the designer’s deep love and exceptional skills.

The EMD E8 is an A1A-A1A configured passenger train locomotive powered by a powerful 2,250-horsepower engine, manufactured by General Motors Electric Division (EMD) in La Grange, Illinois. Known for its characteristic nose tilt and distinctive appearance, it was nicknamed the “Bulldog nose.”

The MOC-47988 model contains 672 parts and finely reproduces the appearance and details of the E8 locomotive. This model not only has a high degree of historical restoration, but also has electrified wheel hub dummies, which increases interactivity.

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