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bricks_fan_uy is an acclaimed MOC (Model-Owned Building Blocks) designer, one of the best around. He created many beautiful models of medieval buildings, which showcased his great design skills and extreme attention to detail. His works are full of historical background, revealing his love and in-depth knowledge of medieval culture. bricks_fan_uy has won the hearts of many building block lovers through its unique creative style and high-level works, and brought them endless fun and inspiration.

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-113656 Modular Medieval Castle Small Particles(4363PCS)

bricks_fan_uy’s original modular medieval castle is an exciting creation that cleverly combines multiple modules, carefully designed technology and color matching, and brings immersive assembly fun for building block lovers. This castle model shows the unique features of medieval architecture, such as towers, walls, spires, etc., giving people a feeling of traveling through time and space. With this model, you can not only appreciate its beauty as a collective decoration, but also disassemble it and reassemble it into other castle models, enjoying the fun of double DIY assembly. This model contains up to 4363 high-quality particles, the color is accurate, consistent with the parts of mainstream building block brands, it adopts a durable and solid overall construction, feels good, and is easy to disassemble and reassemble. Whether collecting or playing, this modular medieval castle is amazingly immersive.

MOC Viking Tribe Village Combo Winter Set

Viking village sets are originally designed and licensed by Bricks_fan_uy, including MOC-104429, MOC-103656, MOC-96080, MOC-98225, MOC-95891 and MOC-93063. These models showcase great design skills and color matching, making the assembly process an immersive fun. Winter viking village props and winter vibes are added to the set to add a festive touch to the product, making it a cool stocking stuffer. Once assembled, these models can be pieced together with other Viking collections from Bricks_fan_uy to form complete patchworks, villages or castles with great historical and collectible value. This set is the perfect gift for beginning block builders, medieval and castle lovers, home decorators, and collectors. Whether it is for collection or display, it will bring endless joy and satisfaction to the recipient.

The Viking Longship MOC-98225

Viking longship MOC-98225 is a beautiful medieval style brick model, designed by bricks_fan_uy. The least parts create the best viewing angle effect, and the color matching is unique. The assembly process is full of fun and has high playability. The finished product not only has excellent collection value, but also gives viewing pleasure. Inspired by albricks_workshop, bricks_fan_uy uses new technology to make viking longship sails, while showing a love for medieval themes. This innovative and perfect attitude makes this model unique and worthy of collection and appreciation.
bricks_fan_uy mentions in the bio: “Ever since I started building vikings, I’ve been asked to build a longship. My answer is, since LEGO is due out next June, we might as well wait until then…. ..but…I found an amazing idea from albricks_workshop to make Viking longsails using tech panels I’d never seen before, so I needed to give it a try. Also, I’ve been wanting to create a The Medieval Collection builds ships, so I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to build hulls without using actual hull parts.”

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MOCs Designed by bricks_fan_uy

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