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Brick_boss_pdf, a superb building block model designer, has won the hearts of countless fans with his novel and fantasy MOC works. His designs are widely recognized in the building block model industry, especially in the fantasy theme. His works are full of creativity and imagination, which has attracted the appreciation and attention of many building block lovers. Brick_boss_pdf has been widely recognized in the circle for its unique creative style and superb skills.

Specially Recommended Design

Maul Starfighter Nightbrother MOC-86590 Star War Spaceship Model (425Pcs)

MOC-86590 Maul Starfighter Nightbrother is a Star Wars spaceship model designed by Brick_boss_pdf, including 425 parts, made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic, and precision cast to ensure safe assembly. Backstory reveals it to be a modified Komk-class fighter/transport aircraft, named and used by Sith Lord Maul during the Clone Wars and Age of Empires.

After Moore’s death, the Nightbrothers was acquired by the Ghost Rebels and renamed the Defiant. Inspired by characters and episodes from Star Wars, this unique collectible and display model. Whether you’re a fan of the Star Wars series or starship models, the MOC-86590 Maul Starfighter Nightbrother is an exciting choice.

The Octuptarra Magna Tri-droid MOC-65366 Space Wars Building Blocks MOC Kit(589Pcs)

MOC-65366 is a highly restored Star Wars spaceship building block model showing a spider-like robot on stilts with a balloon-shaped head and laser turret on top. Skako’s native eight-eyed airbag-headed Vine Walker is armed with three laser turrets, one on each side, that unleash a deadly gaseous virus. The robot has a rotating multi-joint component, which has a strong long-distance shooting ability and is easily damaged in close combat. MOC-65366 showcases a creative sci-fi design, bringing endless fun to Star Wars fans. The designer Brick_boss_pdf thanked the previous brickbender for his help, emphasizing the challenge and great change of the model. Overall, this model is a stunning masterpiece that will bring visual enjoyment and creativity to fans, whether for collection or display.

MOC-99054 LNER Class A4 Steam Locomotive

Jabba’s Palace Ultimate MOC-79354 Space War Bricks MOC Kit (2608 pieces) licensed and designed by Brick_boss_pdf. Designed to create the ultimate Jabba Palace playset, this MOC contains three different levels: the Catacombs, the palace itself, and all the ceilings. The ground floor features the hate pit, stairs, robot room, and prison. The palace level includes Lord Jabba’s Rome and small rooms connected by corridors. The model itself is packed with functionality, with opening fronts, functional doors, floor traps, detachable parts, and clips to hold the carbonated Han Solo. The designer Brick_boss_pdf said with great anticipation: “I hope you like this MOC!” This set of building block models will surely bring endless surprises and fun to space war lovers.

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MOCs Designed by Brick_boss_pdf

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