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Brick_Artisan is an outstanding architectural MOC (My Own Creation) designer and one of the best architectural MOC designers. With its superb skills and creativity, Brick_Artisan has created amazing architectural MOC works, which are widely appreciated and respected by the community. Whether it is fine details, unique structures or outstanding proportions, Brick_Artisan’s works show his boundless creativity. His works are not only pleasing to the eye, but also able to stimulate the imagination of the audience, becoming a favorite of building block lovers.

Specially Recommended Design

MOC-79570 Friends Apartment

MOC-79570 Friends Apartment is a building block model that requires a total of 4,642 building block parts. The ground floor is the Central Perk Cafe and Bar, a modified version of set 21319. While remaining true to the details of the official setting, the design expanded the footprint to accommodate the apartments on the upper floors. Part of the bar includes a pool table and a toilet. On the second floor is the apartment, which preserves the details of the original set and adds two bedrooms, a bathroom and a balcony with stairs leading to the third floor. The third floor is also the apartment, consisting of two bedrooms and doors to the balcony. Most of the details of the original scene have been preserved, as well as the stairs leading to the roof. Although the design tries to be consistent with the TV show, there may be some nuances in order to bring all the floors together and make the most of the space.

Sit-Complex – Part 9 – MacLaren’s Pub MOC-92501(1588PCS+)

MOC-92501 SitComplex – MacLaren’s Pub is part of the Sit-Complex series, which is based on apartment floors from various TV shows. The design was intended to be as consistent as possible with the TV show’s layout, and was modified to fit the overall layout of the MOC SitComplex for seamless incorporation. MOC-92501 recreates MacLaren’s Pub, a scene from the famous TV series “The Big Bang Theory”. It accurately reproduces the details of the bar, including the iconic bar, seating and decorative elements. The goal of this design is to make the brick model consistent with the TV show scene, and can be perfectly combined with other models from the Sit-Complex series to create an incredible overall layout. Whether as a collectible or as a thoughtful build for building block enthusiasts, the MOC-92501 SitComplex – MacLaren’s Pub is an exciting and unique model.

2345Pcs+ MOC-85678 City Series La Locanda Hotel Model

MOC-85678 City Series La Locanda Hotel Model is a building block model consisting of 2345 building block parts in total. It includes an Italian restaurant with living space on the upper level and a scooter rental shop with a winery on the lower level. The building can be used as a universal module or as a chamfer to suit LEGO City’s needs. It sits on the edge of the floor to provide more space for minifigures, breaking up the monotonous linear layout of other modular buildings. The MOC-85678 model showcases details of an exquisite restaurant and rental shop, such as Italianate architectural elements, living spaces, and winery facilities. This design is not only visually appealing, but also brings more variety and creativity to the urban layout. Whether as a collectible or as a building project for LEGO enthusiasts, the MOC-85678 City Series La Locanda Hotel Model is an eye-catching model.

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