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Albo is an outstanding Figure MOC (My Own Creation) designer. His works are unique, full of fun and surprises, and are deeply loved by MOC building block model lovers. Whether conceiving a unique character or restoring a character in a movie, Albo has shown outstanding talent. His talent has made him one of the most respected and respected designers in the building block community.

Specially Recommended Design

MOC Assembly War Power Helmet Model(723PCS)

The MOC Assembly War Power Helmet Model (723PCS) is a mesmerizing building block model inspired by classic sci-fi characters. This helmet model accurately recreates the image and detail of the beloved sci-fi movie character, taking enthusiasts on a nostalgic journey into the beloved movie scene. With high playability, both experienced building block model lovers and beginners can have fun from it.

Constructed from 723 carefully crafted bricks, the model showcases Albo’s passion for precision and creativity. Each part has been thoughtfully assembled to ensure a true restoration of the character’s image. Whether as an eye-catching centerpiece or as a collectible, this model is sure to attract attention and appreciation.

Also, the MOC Assembly War Power Helmet Model makes an excellent gift choice. 

MOC War Helmet Body Support Parts Collected Model for LEGO 75304(1888Pcs)

MOC War Helmet Body Support Parts Collected Model for LEGO 75304 (1888Pcs) is a fascinating building block model. When you have the perfect helmet, you need your whole body to support it. This kit fits the helmet perfectly and supports the body without the need for a brace. It pays homage to classic characters and makes you feel like you’re paying homage to those memorable characters while you’re building.

This model is composed of 1888 carefully designed building blocks to create a fascinating body support structure. Each part has been carefully designed to ensure the perfect combination of the helmet and the body, allowing the character image to be fully displayed. Not only that, but the model is also self-supporting without additional brackets, demonstrating a high level of craftsmanship and design.

Whether it’s for kids or adults who love building block models, this model will provide endless fun and satisfaction.

MOC-54526 War Scene Compatible with 9516/75005(1581Pcs)

MOC-54526 War Scene is an exciting building block model, which is designed with a war scene as the theme, providing a highly playable experience for building block lovers.

This war scene model is composed of 1581 high-quality parts, and is compatible with other building block brands, ensuring flexible combination and expansion. Made of high-quality environmentally friendly ABS material, it is precision-cast to ensure the durability and safety of the model.

The MOC-54526 War Scene is not only a fascinating building block model, but also an excellent gift choice. Whether gifted to a child or an adult, this war scene model will surprise and delight. It’s a unique gift that shows you care for the recipient, while satisfying the building block lover’s craving for an exciting building experience. More than just a gift, this war scene miniature can also be a valuable collectible.

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