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Customer Service E-mail: service@letbricks.com

Who we are?

Letbricks is a young and dynamic company. We have a small team of 12 people who are responsible for developing products, operating social media accounts, handling customer service emails, etc. The goal of Letbricks is not only to offer the work of a wide variety of great designers, but also to collect and share the best MOC ideas from around the world. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with quality products at low prices as well as promotional customer service.

So far, we’ve had exclusive licensing deals with over a hundred designers, and we’re gradually adding information about designers, similar to what Rebrickable is doing. We are also actively advocating for designers to patent their work, here is one of the links:

At the same time, we actively cooperate with youtuber and establish a good brand image.

Our Partner:

We are currently actively cooperating with two Chinese manufacturers. They provide us with parts services. As we become stronger and stronger, they also optimize many processes and introduce new production machines for mass production with our help. They will Committed to providing parts service with good parts and fair prices, if you need to order bulk parts, we also support such services. Currently they have 30 machines and more than 20 employees produce for us, we will get better and better!

About Letbricks MOC!

We are a company headquartered in Shenzhen, China, established on June 26, 2017. Letbricks is a dynamic and creative company. In recent years, the company’s business direction has been building blocks.

We manufacture high-quality customized products for every MOC Fans, we cooperate with many designers, and pay licensing fees to let more people see better works, and we will strive to be a better company! The goal of Letbricks is not only to provide work from a variety of great designers, but to collect and share the best MOC ideas from around the world. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with quality products at low prices as well as promotional customer service. Currently, letbricks has developed trains as its main product line, hoping to provide every customer with the ability to build their own train system.

Our warehouse is located in Shenzhen, China, where there is cheap labor and a mature supply chain system, and our bricks are produced from here. The main suppliers we cooperate with are Jieyang Rongcheng Gateway E-Commerce Division and Shantou Huazhi Toys Co., Ltd. We are committed to cultivating these two suppliers and building a more complete production system​​. All of our designs come from overseas designers who have signed a licensing agreement with us, we have a development team that helps letbricks find more good designers to work with, and they also participate in the independent design part.

Over the next year, we will continue to sign more designers for exclusive collaborations. We pay each designer based on a single transaction order. I hope their works can be liked by more people, and letbricks will also strive to become one of the leaders of MOC sales in Europe and America.

When interacting with fans around the world, Letbricks drew a lot of creative inspiration. There are so many moc enthusiasts in the world who love building blocks but don’t have the time and skills to realize their ideal works, which upsets many moc enthusiasts. I used to purchase a set of 1990 pieces for many months, and finally I successfully collected it and assembled it for my own work, but this not only wasted a lot of time, but also cost a lot of shipping and additional costs. Some parts must be traded from other parts at high prices. In short, this experience made me feel terrible. Many friends around me have also suffered. After discussion, we decided to do something useful, so we started to provide custom parts kits for Moc fans. At the same time, we have selected some of the most popular parts packages for you to choose from: we have purchased a wide variety of high-quality bricks from the market and spent a lot of energy collecting parts.

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.All the products in our store is customized by our company or licensed by the designer.
.100% brand new and free shipping.
.Products with quarity and fair price.
.Perfect customer service, policies for shipping, payment, refund and missing part case

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