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Christmas Gift Ideas

2023 Christmas Gift Ideas: Ten selected building block gifts, perfect for creativity! Catering for different ages and preferences!

         Christmas is coming, and choosing gifts has become a tense and exciting game. Don’t worry, we have ten cool building block gifts to suit different ages and preferences, guaranteed to make your Christmas gift the most shining focus!

1.Gift for family

    Building block decorations can not only add to the beauty of your home, but also stimulate creativity and interactive fun among family members.




      Add a little Christmas joy to your warm family! This MOC-147549 Winter Country Church (1808PCS) has a detailed design and rich accessories.

     It is not only a decoration, but also the best magic weapon to bring family members closer together.



This MOC-58208 Little Winter Church includes the holy water basin next to the entrance, the church pews, the pulpit on the small pedestal, the cross, the eternal light on the wall, the small organ on the first floor, and of course the bells in the tower.

Floor is 16 x 30 studs, church is approximately 22 x 10 studs.

1074 parts in total.

After the building blocks are assembled, it is a good display model and home decoration.

2.Gift for kids

      Entering a child’s imagination, building blocks are endless creative sparks! Our ABS building blocks are not only environmentally friendly, but can also cultivate children’s hands-on ability!



    I recommend this MOC-107147 Antonov AN-225 “Mriya” Model (482PCS) because my customer told me that this is his son’s favorite aircraft!

Coupled with the smaller number of parts and smooth shape and structure, it is very suitable for children to explore the fun of building blocks on their own, while also cultivating structural imagination and understanding abilities.

This would be a perfect gift for kids!



   This simple but beautiful MOC-137856 Medieval Farm House is also a great gift for children.

It is low in difficulty but full of details. It is the best toy to cultivate children’s care and patience.

At the same time, it can also give children an initial exposure to the beauty of medieval architecture.

3.Gift for father



    Everyone is familiar with Notre Dame de Paris, right?

    I recommend this MOC-43974 Notre Dame de Paris(63181 pcs) because one of my customers told me that she bought this model just as a gift for her father. Her father wanted to challenge some difficult models, so she bought her father this big guy.

     If your father is an architecture enthusiast or architect, he will be very happy with such a gift!
(If you have a limited budget, we recommend you buy our mini Notre-Dame Cathedral model)



      If your father is a mechanical engineer or engine enthusiast, then I think he will be familiar with V16 engines.

    This MOC-73232 V16 Diesel Engine has a total of 4777 pcs, weighs 4.2 kg, and has dimensions of W 63.4cm, L 26.7cm, and H 36.4cm. It is difficult to build.

      It not only satisfies his love for technology but also allows your father to enjoy the sense of accomplishment of assembly. It is undoubtedly the best gift for a “professional engineer” father!

4.Gift for him


       Romance for a man is to ride a sports car with him! After you finish putting it together, you can put it on your desk to show off.

      This MOC-119000 Tech Sports Car Model (3434PCS/Green) modified 1:8 car model is based on the famous sports car, with a beautifully designed V8 engine with moving pistons and iconic manual pop-up headlights. By opening and stabilizing the rear, the engine and engine bay reveal the most authentic gearbox – a 5+R speed gearbox in the center console, with a shift layout that is very close to the original.

      Are you sure he won’t be tempted?




If he knows cars and engines.

Then he must know the RB engine series.

The best souvenir of the RB engine. This highly restored RB30 Engine Model (1985PCS) will be the best gift choice.

It has passed our structural verification and is very stable. Click the button to learn more.

5.Gift for friend



      This V8 engine model has highly restored details and a stable structure, making it extremely playable.

      Equipped with battery compartment, L-shaped large motor and M-shaped medium motor. After many revisions and strict quality checks, the kit ensures a solid and superior construction experience, making it a true masterpiece with extraordinary aesthetics and collectible value.

      If your friend is an engine enthusiast or likes technological models, he will definitely be happy to challenge this V8 engine model (2106PCS).



      The packaging is exquisite, full of details, and highly restored to the real Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion.

      If your friend is a military enthusiast.

      Then this CH-53E Super Stallion 1/35 Scale aircraft model (2192PCS) will surely satisfy him.

      Click the button to learn more!

      By choosing these diverse building block gifts, you can provide a warm and fun gift for people of all ages and interests at Christmas. Whether inspiring creativity, cultivating patience, or expressing personality, these building block gifts bring laughter and surprise.
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