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The magnificent power of the Titanic: a reciprocating triple-expansion steam engine


 Titanic, this name will forever be engraved in the pages of human history. This legendary cruise ship, once known as “unsinkable”, is an engineering masterpiece of the early 20th century. However, what we want to discuss today is not its fate, but its heart, the breathtaking power system-the reciprocating triple-expansion steam engine.

     Titanic’s triple-expansion steam engine was a feat of engineering. The total length is 19 meters, the total weight is 731 tons, and the base weight is 198 tons. This behemoth produced an incredible 15,000 horsepower, making Titanic one of the largest seagoing ships of the era.

     These three steam engines are supplied with steam by 29 boilers. These huge boilers have 159 coal-fired furnaces, which shows their scale. Each boiler is 4.8 meters in diameter and 6.1 meters high, equivalent to the height of a three-story building. Each boiler weighs 92.97 tons and can hold 49.28 tons of water. The Titanic carried 6,717 tons of coal, which was burned to heat boilers and generate powerful steam power.


The Titanic’s reciprocating steam engine was not only impressive in scale, but its design was also filled with engineering innovation. Excess steam produced by these steam engines was fed to a steam turbine engine at the stern to improve power efficiency. This vapor is condensed through a surface condenser and can then be returned to the water for reuse. The Titanic had three propellers, each driven by an engine. The diameter of the left and right wing propellers is 7.01 meters, while the diameter of the center propeller is 5.18 meters. Although the center propeller cannot be reversed, they play a huge role in providing power.

The Titanic’s electrical system was equally impressive. Four 400,000-watt steam generators and two 30,000-watt emergency auxiliary generators produced more electricity than the average city power plant of the time.

                                                                                                    Memorial value

     The Titanic Reciprocating Triple Expansion Steam Engine Model (1/22 scale) designed by borysf reproduces this engineering miracle. This model uses a large XL motor inside to accurately replicate the operation of the steam engine, while maintaining the rationality of the original structure and providing an excellent building experience. Its unique design and exquisite color matching give the model a high degree of ornamental value and is an eternal tribute to the Titanic and engineering technology.

In short, Titanic’s reciprocating three-expansion steam engine is not only the pinnacle of engineering technology, but also a witness to history. Stunning in its scale, design and functionality, it has become a timeless souvenir, a reminder of humanity’s relentless pursuit of technology and science, and of its glorious achievements in that glorious history.

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