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My Two Favorite MOCs From the Recent Purchases

Last year was without a doubt the year I was most addicted to buying MOCs. My enthusiasm for MOC remains undiminished in the new year and I recently purchased a few more MOC sets. Medieval architecture, especially medieval castles, attracts me the most among so many series. My favorite medieval MOC sets among the latest purchases must be LETbricks Medieval Lions’ Castle and LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle. Although the two MOCs look slightly similar from the packaging pictures, most of their designs are different. Let’s take a look at their respective features and tell me what you think about them.

LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle comes in a nice packaging that will make you want to buy it. Compared to LETbricks Medieval Lions’ Castle, LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle looks smaller in scale. And in fact, it comes with 4,514 pieces in total, of which the number is much larger than that of other ordinary MOCs, so I guess it is kind of a magnificent castle in itself. The instructions in PDF are quite easy to follow and available in three languages including English, French and Spanish. It can be downloaded in advance directly from the product homepage, which is very convenient. The set is on sale for $399.99 and the average price of the parts is $0.0886, which is acceptable to me. While recreating the classic details of the past, many new details have been added to Lion Knights’ Castle designed based on King’s Castle (1984). In addition to this, the color scheme of this MOC is quite eye-catching. The exterior layout of the model is so complete that it makes you want to explore it in further detail from the inside. The castle can be folded or unfolded after being built. But in order to better show the interesting interior of the castle, I prefer to unfold it for display. The details of the interior of the buildings do not disappoint me. Instead of a single structure, it consists of several rooms and areas, in addition to which you will find an armory, an equipment storage room, a gate, fireplaces, hidden passages, movable walls and secret hiding places. Finally, place the block figures in different areas and a complete castle story will emerge in your mind.

虽然LETbricks 中世纪狮子城堡 (MOC-68151)和乐高狮子骑士城堡都是中世纪主题城堡,它们的设计风格和结构有很大不同。产品包装在一个简单的图形盒子里,这当然不如乐高那么吸引人。不过,通过网站上的图片也可以看到模型的样子。首先,MOC-68151的规模明显比乐高狮子骑士城堡大,正因为如此,该套装总共包含7,500+块用于建造中世纪狮子城堡的积木,其中数量为比乐高狮子骑士城堡大得多。该套件现已在网上发售,售价为 489.99 美元,您还可以以 409.99 美元的价格再享受 15% 的折扣,这意味着零件的平均价格可以降至 0.054 美元。


The castle looks imposing, and its interior is spacious with realistic details including bed, bookshelf, well, table, chair, barrel, fireplaces, etc., of which the quality is pretty good. But there are no block figures inside or outside the castle to go with it, which I personally find less interesting. Despite the fact that the castle doesn’t look ornate, its style perfectly fits the medieval theme. It’s a modular model, so I can easily disassemble each module without having to rebuild the castle, which makes it easy for me to see every detail inside and adjust the layout. I can even place each module on the table for separate display.


Due to its large scale, MOC-68151 requires over 750 steps that are more complicated, which is quite challenging for most people. Fortunately, the instructions are still quite detailed and easy to understand and they are in the form of PDF stored on a USB flash drive included with the set, so I can almost check the instructions anywhere, which is really super convenient. Thankfully, the designer provides us with instructions that are easy to understand, making the steps enjoyable to follow. Now let’s watch the video for more details!

Well, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. I like both of these medieval MOCs, and for me each has its unique selling points. In terms of scale, LETbricks Medieval Lions’ Castle (MOC-68151) is much bigger and the overall style is more solemn and shocking, while LEGO’s is smaller in scale, but the display effect is also pretty amazing with block figures of a variety of roles. Comparing the difficulty of building two MOCs, LETbricks Medieval Lions’ Castle (MOC-68151) is definitely more challenging, which is more attractive to people who like challenges. But if you compare the internal details of the two, LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle is even better.

Both sets include parts that are well made, which provides a pleasant building experience and together present a satisfactory building effect. The MOCs look almost the same as they are shown in the pictures. As for the instructions, I think the first few pages of LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle’s instructions are a little more interesting because it introduces the characteristics of LEGO’s medieval castles from different periods, showing the development of the castles. But I also like the way the instructions are designed to be stored on a USB stick as a PDF. In addition, I think that these two MOCs are suitable for display in different scene atmosphere, so it is necessary to select different sets based on the actual display scene. If you are looking for a good price, consider LETbricks Medieval Lions’ Castle (MOC-68151). After all, the average price of a part at $0.054 is quite low. You may have a different view than I do. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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