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Best Gifts Right for Kids to Kick Off 2023

New Year’s Gifts for you/friends/kids Previewed

How time flies! Yes, it is the time to bid 2022 farewell, whether it’s a less than satisfactory or a rewarding year, we are about to embark on a new journey to 2023 after all.

If you are still confused with New Year present idea for kids, click Letbricks is the right thing to do.

When I was a naughty child, I started writing the names of my favorite gifts on my wish list as soon as when it comes to every Mardi Gras festival. Because at this moment, our family will allocate enough budget to contribute to the shopping spree.

So from my own experience, I’m sure that the children won’t give up clinging to parents until receiving gifts at this New Year juncture with a strong atmosphere.

Whether it is for exercising kids’ logical thinking ability by the hands-on building blocks sets, or for getting rid of the dependence on electronic products, these 6 fail-proof sets we’ve curated will brighten up his/her day, for any occasion worthy of giving him/her a gift.

If it is required to classify these six sets in this New Year gift list, they are adventure, pastoral, and fairy tale series.

*Adventure Series

The name of “Van Dyke Island” resumes that of the homonymous island of the archipelago of the Virgin Islands which owes its name to the dutch pirate of the 17th century who made it one of his refuges.

Aim to rekindle the love of nature exploration to make up for canceled travel plans in the past year. Contains 8614 PCS, this MOC-126702 Pirate Van Dykes Island Model restores the vivid island scene by various accurate color matching. It’s no exaggeration to say that no matter how old you are when you receive this as the 2023 gift, you can’t help planing to go on vacation.

Weighing about 13.50 (lbs), not exactly small, once you have taken this set home, which is enormous enough to attract children to put down the phone and turn to spend enough time assembling this block set.


When it comes to exploring, of course, it is necessary to consider the indispensable simplest form of vehicles.

Size(Inch): 19.685(L) x 6.693(W) x 11.024 (H)

For kids that are big fans of dynamic cars, this set of 2307 PCS in the medium at large scale is enough to meet the expectations of New Year gift.

Based on the prototype of the Peterbilt 389, this model is scaled to give an accurate representation of the proportional size in 1:17. The assembled set looks simple and ordinary but finely crafted. Designed with a PF kit, this dynamic Peterbilt model  supports to move forward where you need.

Of course, for other enthusiasts who want to explore but are not satisfied with this Peterbilt dynamic model, the below are enough attractive recommendations for you.


Whenever I see this train, I always recall the real train in the Parkour game when I was a child.

Featuring an exquisite appearance with premium ABS parts, it looks big and difficult to assemble with 3539 PCS, don’t worry about that, the easy-to-follow manual in PDF form helps the building beginners commence with ease.

The moderate weight of about 7.05 (lbs) makes the train less likely to tip over as it moves forward at a high speed.

The omni-present detailed designs can only be experienced after buying and assembling on your own.


Besides these ordinary vehicles, there is one tank was shortlisted for the New Year’s gift list.

The O-I was Japanese super heavy tank of theⅡWorld War. Based on the actual tank prototype of 150 tons, this elaborate model is scaled to reproduce the prototype at a scale of 1:30.

This set (1884 PCS) comes with built-in power functions which allow you to drive the tank around remotely. The battery pack is located in the center of the tank, with two electric motors in the back and an IR receiver on the top, just behind the main turret. With the overall weight of 3.38 (lbs), it is not bulky for playing by remote controlling.

As a New Year’s gift, this realistic&dynamic model of enough sincerity to be sent to someone. The children will also feel a sense of accomplishment when showing the assembled set to others with the size of 14.13inches(L) x 8.43inches(W) x 6.10inches(H).


*Pastoral Series

Very different from the former series, this pastoral series set is suitable for family and friends who prefer a quiet lifestyle.

This set boasts the smallest number of parts (1122 PCS) to achieve the best visual effect. The unique design and color scheme of the model make it an impressive display and collection, providing lots of fun while assembling.

Weighs about 3.30 (lbs), it is light and easy to carry. Assembling it with bosom friends and simulate life scenes to play games, it is well believed to be one of the most popular building block sets, no less than any game suitable for multiplayer interaction.

Made with modern minimalist style in mind, as well as the architectural style that accords with nature, not to mention the other detailed display of flowers and plants, is the right and perfect gift for people who are aloof from worldly affairs.


*Fairy Tale Series

There is a saying that those who like Hayao Miyazaki’s works are those who has a powerful healing power. “Spirited Away” is an animated film that touched many people, and it is also the most famous representative work of this outstanding Japanese Animation master.

The Bathhouse (Aburaya) is the core location in the film Spirited Away, which stands on a half-dried swamp is a very grandiose and opulent structure on the island Yūya in the Spirit Realm. Built in a traditional Japanese bathhouse style, its color scheme encompasses shades of red, green and semi-dark tones of brown. A waterfall is also present at its bridge crossing. (Refer to the picture below on the left.)

It is worth mentioning that the Spirited Away Bathhouse MOC (1821PCS) has achieved the ultimate restoration of the original scene in terms of architectural style, color scheme, and structural details. (As shown in the following picture on the right.)

Lovers who enjoy heartwarming and inspiring growth series will never stop loving this gift. As a loyal fan of Hayao Miyazaki, I praised this building blocks set deserves all plaudits and it is definitely at the top of the annual wish list


These 6 sets mentioned above are pretty low-key, so they also make for solid gifts to give friends, families, and coworkers. One way or another, a new gift brings with a new playing experience. 

Prepare small-but-mighty gifts for enthusiasts of building blocks set at the domain of New Year, you will definitely feel two-way happy including feedback from the receivers.

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