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2023 Gift Guide

2023 Gift Guide

Welcome to LETbricks! In order to make it easier for everyone to choose gifts, we have created this gift guide page!

In this gift guide, we’ll offer different options for every gifting need, catering to every taste and interest. Whether you’re looking for a gift to make a loved one smile, or a surprising surprise for a friend, here’s a collection of carefully curated suggestions to make your gift a cherished memory in someone’s heart. Let’s start together and inject more warmth and joy into special moments!

Gifts for Christmas

Black Friday

Gifts for different relationships

Choose the most suitable gift for your family, friends, lover, and children!
Black Friday


Gifts for family members emphasize warmth, are easy to build, and serve as the best decorations.

Based on suggestions and feedback from our customers. We recommend gifts for dad that are of a certain level of difficulty and professionalism and can satisfy his preferences.

We recommend gifts for children that are less difficult and educational, and can cultivate children’s aesthetic, hands-on and structural imagination abilities.


This is a list of gifts carefully selected based on the suggestions of our customers

The gift you give your friend must be something your friend likes and reflects your feelings!
These innovative or meaningful gifts are sure to delight your friends!

Gifts by Budget

Please choose the right gift according to your budget!
Black Friday

Gifts for players with different preferences

Gift recommendations of different themes and categories!
Black Friday

Gift Inspiration

Shipped within seven days! Of course the gift must arrive in time 😀
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