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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving

When it comes to Thanksgiving, you might think of group activities such as giving food, setting tables, cranberry contests, corn games, pumpkin races, dress-up parades, theatrical performances and sports competitions, or eating roast Turkey, pumpkin cakes, red berry moss jam, sweet potato, corn and so on. Just thinking about any of the above can make us excited, and Thanksgiving is always a time to be thankful and happy.


As a major holiday in the United States, Canada and other countries, Thanksgiving always makes people look forward to it. Thanksgiving Day has a long history, and its origin mainly involves two countries, the United States and Canada. However, the traditions and ways of celebrating Thanksgiving, and even the day of the celebration, vary from country to country.

First, let’s talk about Thanksgiving in America, of which the origin can be traced back to the beginning of American history, which refers specifically to the time when Puritan immigrants from Holland arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts. At first, the immigrants set and celebrated a festival to thank God and the Indians who helped them get a good harvest, but it was not a national holiday at the time. In the beginning, there was no fixed date for Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It wasn’t until 1863, after independence, that President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday. In 1941, the U.S. Congress officially designated the fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day, which means the date of Thanksgiving is not fixed each year. For example, the date of Thanksgiving this year is different from that of the previous three years. (2022: November 24, 2021: November 25, 2020: November 26, 2019: November 28) But no matter what the date of Thanksgiving is, it is always the fourth Thursday in November, so Thanksgiving can be regarded as fixed. In addition to traditional Thanksgiving events, Black Friday coming next will kick off a month-long holiday shopping season and many people will buy Thanksgiving gifts for friends and family during this time.


While Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated on the second Monday in October and it has nothing to do with the Pilgrims. It is influenced by the following factors. One is the tradition of European settlers celebrating the harvest and thanking nature, the other is that later settlers inherited the gratitude ceremony of survival and harvest of the previous British explorers, and the third is that settlers from the United States brought American Thanksgiving habits and ways of celebration to Canada. The holiday doesn’t last long, so it can be seen that Thanksgiving is not celebrated as much in Canada as it is in the United States. Although people in Canada don’t have Black Friday, they will still enjoy great Thanksgiving food at gatherings and buy gifts for family, lovers or friends during the holiday.

Although people celebrate Thanksgiving in a variety of ways, the meaning of the celebration is to be grateful for the good things in life, to learn to understand and love. This is a perfect day to greet your family and friends and to prepare some surprises for them. In addition to eating a turkey dinner this Thanksgiving, I also want to record some special memories and accomplish meaningful things with my family, such as building some MOC sets at home. So now I have decided to buy a block set. At first I just thought I would buy a product that just looked good until I saw MOC Notre Dame de Paris and MOC-89126 4014 Big Boy on Letbricks. And I could tell how the designers create such exciting MOC works with their grateful hearts.

MOC immediately caught my eyes out of its realistic, imposing exterior design. I’m sure you can instantly recognize this building as Notre Dame de Paris. Built on March 24, 1163, Notre Dame de Paris is an outstanding representative of early Gothic architecture in Europe and the first completely Gothic church in the world. The sculpture art and painting art of the building itself and a large number of art treasures collected in the hall are of extremely high historical and cultural value, and they are the important spiritual support of Parisians and French people.

It is hard to believe that such a massive building just appears in front of your eyes, looking exactly the same as the real Notre Dame de Paris. The “facade”, “nave”, “transept”, “choir” and “apse” are full of incredible details. But the most amazing thing to me is that all the cathedral windows are built with transparent bricks, which gives a realistic touch when you place lights inside, making all the windows shine in many beautiful colors. The color of the walls and the roofs match harmoniously, making the whole building look more fabulous. “The model not need a base because it is been built with Macro Blocks that help stability, move etc…” said STEBRICK, the designer of MOC Notre Dame de Paris. The modular design of the MOC allows the model to be disassembled and reassembled freely if necessary, which makes it less stressful to build this model.

The birth of Big Boy 4014 is a colorful stroke in the history of rail transportation. It is the larggest and only functioning steam locomotive that can help people understand how the Industrial Revolution drove social progress.   The eye-catching ringing bell on the front of the car, loud whistles and a large amount of smoke constantly being emitted must be the first things that come to our mind when we talk about steam locomotives. How about MOC-89126? Well I can see that the designer managed to perfectly restore such a great railway engine using building blocks.

MOC-89126 Union Pacific 4014 Big Boy

The imposing body is full of authentic details such as joysticks that can be flexibly moved up and down, clear glass windows, wheels, pressure valves, steam pipes and cab featuring exquisite craftmanship, using black as dominant hue for the body while matching gray color for the front, prsenting an extraordinary glossy texture with no plastic feel for bringing out that the locomotive is rather thick and sturdy. So either way it is a great MOC work.

All the details of the MOCs make me feel the author’s gratitude for Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and Big Boy 4014, and I was almost moved into tears the first time I saw them. And I also think it’s important for the young generation to remember the great buildings and means of transport, learning to be grateful for them. I am very happy that I can build these two MOC models with my family on Thanksgiving Day, which will be a time for us to remember and be thankful for.

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